Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Natalie B is hosting a canvas niche swap on INKrediblyRT. The canvas was supposed to feature an inchie - I am not sure what happened along the way. .. but this is the canvas I sent her. The inchie is in fact a framed photo of the face on the fist beaded doll I made (in Kelsey's class) and the focus is on a removable and wearable doll.
I was actually so pleased with this piece it spent a few days sitting on the shelf with some of my dolls (made by Dot) before it headed north.

These bracelets were fun to make - gifts for a VERY pink friend.
As far as stunning jewellery goes look at the necklace Kim made me! This style, inspired by Kim's friend, and sometime muse, Nina is simple perfection and so lovely to wear. Kim and I have swapped before but this one was because Kim was my Mystery Muse partner, also on INKrediblyRT.
The journal below is the gift I sent my MM, Genevieve, this month. I could not get a good photo but was pleased with the end result.
Art I am happy with, beautiful gifts and so many Earthly treasures, now I just need to banish the clouds.


Ev said...

what a lovely post, the canvas is just delightful, I saw it first on the group so popped over here to see if you had blogged it yet, the necklace...well what a lucky girl you are. Big hugs from me.

Dot said...

Oh my goodness Julie - this canvas is beyond incredible! I clicked on the photo's to enlarge them so I could admire all the details.

What a beautiful work of art. I adore the little framed face in the left hand corner and the cracked ' frame' . Your art always blows me away (every single time). And I leave your blog inspired (and usually warm of heart too).

The beading on this doll is lovely, lovely, lovely...

The pink bracelets are delicous and the necklace from Kim is stunning (my goodness she is talented).

I am sure Genevieve loved her journal.

Sending extra love to you this week.

Dotee xoxo

Jacky said...

What a beautiful gift from Kim, gorgeous necklace! I love the canvas you made for Nat's swap too. Sooo cute that doll you made in Kelseys class. A lot of work in all that beading???
Mmmmm beautiful journal you made too, I love those colours, so earthy.