Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sleepy Morning at Home

I reluctantly crawled out of bed this morning, knowing I had a friend' s six year old staying for the night, and that he had been up alone for at least an hour. What a peaceful home it is/was, B and the furries, separate and yet together and content. Charles curled in his basket on the table as B played with some craft items beside him.
Phantom asleep on his chair and snurring (a new word for that special cross between a snore and a purr).
Archer luxuriating in front of the heater - kindly turned on by B.
This shot is a few weeks old, Harvey was a little nervy with a visitor in the house and chose to sleep in the bottom of my wardrobe. I could have taken a picture, the door was half open, but he looked so peaceful and the flash disturbs him so I resisted. What a contented boy he is these days.


Janet said...

They all look so sweet....and content. Harvey may not be comfortable around "strangers" for awhile. Our LuLu was like that, and still is most of the time but she has wandered out on occasion when someone was here. Some cats are just shy!!

Dot said...

I love getting glimpses into your life with your fur babies. You write so well I almost feel I am there with you (probably curled up in front of the heater with Archer).

I am sure B loves spending with you and the family.

And snurring is a PERFEFCT word!