Sunday, September 20, 2009

Take a couple of old hair scrunchies,

.. some old files from the recycling bin, three ink pads and a handful of images. What do you have? A couple of weeks of relaxation, time to fiddle and arrange, without really thinking, after long, long days at work.
At the end I wondered what to do with my offerings, so thee ATC's became notebooks - I am so glad I bought the Zutter.
Cards and tags will be packaged together and, "Voila!", some of my Christmas preparations are made. Nice cards are so expensive here in Australia and packs of hand made tags will be appreciated too.
I have been soothed by my needle going in and out of paper, calmed by the rhythm of my brush as it dances between ink pads adding a little colour here and there and strengthened by the time to be inside my head.
Would you like an ATC? No need to trade, just ask. If you are one of the first three I will send you one.
Thank you Jesus, for the peace I feel today. Thank you friends for being there for me through the hours, days or years.
Have a wonderful week!


Lost Aussie said...

Yummy looking work! Save an ATC for me! xoxoxo

Sam Marshall said...

Your ATCs are just divine!!! I love the way you've used them for your notebooks-very cool. I would love an ATC:)

jason said...

julie yet again you have done some amazing stuff. I would loooovvveee and atc. Happy to swap if you want


Doreen G said...

Great stuff Julie--you never cease to amaze me with all the wonderful things you make.

Steph said...

Julie,those are amazing! I can see some people are going to be spoiled! :)

Dale said...

these really do look great. There's such texture to them! Awesome stuff.

Dawnie said...

superb work dear gal...hugs galore my friend

Janet said...

Your art is always so beautiful whether you're making jewelry or cards and ATCs. Fantastic!!!

Jacky said...

Julie these are all so beautiful. Sounds like you have had a lovely, quiet time making these.
You are so good getting organised for Christmas already.

Enjoy this lovely, peaceful time.

Jacky xox

Dot said...

Am happy you are having a lovely peaceful time Julie. And your art reflects that. Gorgeous work. You have a way of doing vintage that is so clever and interesting ; and tactile too!
Love to you and the furries.
Dot xx

Me said...

Lovely - very, very lovely. Thank you for thinking and praying for me as I am on your mind - you can't imagine what an encouragement it is.

With both the girls in school everyday - my life is crazy busy. But I've been grounded in the Word lately and it helps immensely.

With my love.


lindacreates said...

Julie, your work is stunning! I will be following your blog. I had a whole week with Jen and family. It was awesome! Linda

Cat said...

You are amazing what you can create out of scrunchies, files, ink and images! It is all just beautiful!

I agree that His peace is pretty good in this hectic world.

Keep on creating... you're doing wonderful!

Jeanie said...

Julie, your work is so beautiful it simply dazzles me. These are amazing, Julie -- everyone on your gift list will be thrilled!

Gaby Bee said...

Once again, you have done a fabulous job. Your creations are amazing as always. You know I LOVE your work!
Hugs, Gaby

lisa_crofts said...

Julie, my amazing atc arrived today thank you so much. I love it. I worked today so I will organise the return tom.

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I would like to make a swap with you the atc`s!!!!. Your atc`s are beautiful.
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