Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I am so pleased with this picture and it took not an ounce of skill to take, there was the Mama cat resting in the shadows just waiting to be photographed for our pleasure.
But I am ahead of myself. Today was a day to relax and I headed up the highway to spend the afternoon chatting with dear friends, and admiring a lovely baby. The sky was blue, the heat dry and I drove with the windows down, singing badly. After a luscious lunch (I need the souffle recipe please) and lots of chat we set off to wander around the garden and to feed the pigs.
The pup rolled playfully under a fruit tree, as we wandered passed swatting flies and swapping stories.
The pigs, next years sausages for those with stronger stomachs than mine, were delighted with their afternoon feed, and seemed to enjoy the company too.
I enjoyed the texture and colour of old buildings such as this grain shed, and the old tin stalls below.
As I clicked off a few pictures, enjoying the contrast of rusty metal, green leaves and blue sky I did not realise the prettiest picture of all was just inside.
Between cobwebs and dust, one paw hanging down lazily, the other tucked under to lean on; a beautiful mother cat, at peace.
I drove home reflecting on friendship, the season and glorious sunshine and felt some of the year's tension ebb away; my body beginning to relax.
I am not sure these sheep appreciated my musical talents, or lack there of, as I belted out country tunes, window once again down, breeze in my air and a happier girl (when do I have to call myself a woman?) heading home.
This 200km stretch of road, which often frustrates and bores me, flew by without a single speed limit being challenged; a happy day.

Have you had a happy day? I hope so.


kelsey said...

You can continue to be a "girl" as long as you like Julie! I think we all think and say that...."the girls" is a normal comment. Lovely photo's and you're spirits sound particularly high after what was obviously a soul-satisfying visit. Merry Christmas to you my friend and onward and upward into 2010!

Ev said...

If my Great Aunt could call herself a girl at the age of 74 then why shouldn't we. Lovely photos, enjoy your holidays and have a wonderful festive season.

lisa_crofts said...

You are as old as you feel julie haha but i see the others have mentioned that already. Glad you had a relaxing day. Merry Christmas.

Debrina said...

Hi Julie - it's been a blinkin age since I came and saw you, sorry. I've been so time poor these days it's lucky I even get to do my art. Well, here I am to wish you a very merry xmas and an extraordinary new year! I love teh photos - raw beauty, but I'm concerned about how dry it's looking your way. Those bush fires are so damn scary!! I've really enjoyed catching up on all of your posts - they are just magic, you know! Your animals are just so darn cute!!!! Your artwork is to die for - just look at those gift tags and cards! Drool!

Doreen G said...

Now that's what I call a wonderful day Julie.
I want to wish you a happy and Holy Christmas spent with loved ones and I hope that 2010 is all that you wish for.

Gaby Bee said...

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy New Year!

Big hugs, Gaby

Kath said...

Have a lovely Christmas Julie, it looks like you will have a sunny one! There's snow here in England and it feels very festive, best wishes Kath

Narrative jewelry said...

Thank you dear Julie to share with us these beautiful photos, especially the mother cat (for me).
I wish you a very merry Christmas, hope all your littles are OK.

Studio Sylvia said...

Hi Julie, thanks for visiting my blog. Lovely photos. That cat certainly looks at ease perched where she is, observing her world. Love the photo of the rusty sheds. Guess you would have had a hot day yesterday, 38 degrees in melbourne.
Wishing you all good things this festive season.

Holly Loves Art said...

YAY for all the animals! Such great photos! Happy New Year Julie... cheers to you!

Leah said...

Such beautiful beautiful photos Julie. Time for me to get out of the town for a bit, I think. Lx

One Crabapple said...

oh wow

so many beautiful photos. All of them in fact !

but yes, the mamma cat !

I can't believe she would ever have though to

just hang out there....do you think ? the sun shines on the metal siding

and that it's warming as she is in the dark shade


anyway, I loved hearing that you felt relaxed, and all of the details...laughed when you asked when to call yourself a woman and then at your frustration with a stretch of boring road. I have those parts of treks too where I say to myself "oh THIS part!"

I love when you share bits of things no one else really ever says.


Kylie Leusciatti said...

hahahahahahaha i havent visited here for ages and today i decide to jump on and as i was flicking thru the pic i thoight i know that dog , i know that cat and OMG i KNOW THAT PIG!! then the shed was my confirmation.... i bet you had a ball. i am off there on monday for coffee. and the thing i love about sheep(which isnt much) is that they cant tell me how bad I sing either and i want it to stay that way!! lolxoxoxox