Thursday, June 04, 2009

Today's Silent Inspiration

One child's reject's,
One artist's treasure.


Ev said...

if only my three would use their pencils to this state - I am lucky if they sharpen them a couple of times before "losing" them.

Dale said...

wonderful, wonderful stuff. I love old pencil nibs. Suzan Lennart Kazmer created a fantastic necklace with things like this, saying that the pencil nibs were filled with the 'energy' that children infuse into everything they do. Are you familliar with it?

Thank you so much for your kind kind comment on my blog. Just out of curiosity, how did you find me (as in who did you link from?)

Dot said...

What a gorgeous photo Julie! Love the bowl the pencils are in too.
Like the new look of your blog and the link to your etsy shop.
The pinks you are creating lately are stunning!
Dotee xoxo

Janet said...

When I saw the pencil nibs my first thought was "I wonder if Julie is going to use these in jewelry!"

Jacky said...

Lovely splash of colour these pencils make.... makes me happy (wonder if its the vibe from the kids????).

Jacky xox

Sue Smith said...

Yummo photo! I wonder how many of those kind of treasures I've tossed in the bin over the years? Better not think about it too much!

Hope you're having a happy weekend :)

Susie xo

dogfaeriex5 said...

what a treasure!!!
it is amazing how much we appreciate the little things..xo

jessica said...

very pretty. it makes me smile.

Carmen said...

This post made me smile.