Saturday, June 27, 2009

CIF Received and Elegant Ladies

I recently took part in a Create it Forward (CIF) hosted by the wonderful Steph from Belgium. Last week (yes, I am running late to post) these wonderful items arrived. A pendant that made my heart sing - that spoke to where I am; and the most comfortable bracelet in the whole world.
I have worn both of these pieces almost all week.
These elegant ladies dancing in a row make me smile; tiny antique dolls heads, vintage swarovski crystals, pretty beads and perhaps a little lace.
I am enjoying creating.
Perhaps they will sell from my Etsy, never mind if they don't , I will let them dance in my cave...


kelsey said...

Isn't it wonderful to receive gifts in the mail! Even if you have to make something to get something, it's still worth it!

Nothing wrong with wearing heads on your ears I say! lol

Janet said...

Lovely gifts! And the tiny doll head earrings are beautiful. Who wouldn't want to have a pair of those?

Sabii Wabii said...

WEll Dot was correct. You do have fun stuff in your etsy store!

Gaby Bee said...

Lucky gal! You received really beautiful gifts. Love your tiny doll head earrings. Very clever :-)
Gaby xo

Lady Di said...

Your dangling ladies are gorgeous ... where do you find those ceramic pieces?