Thursday, July 06, 2006

Charles: The Contradiction

This is Charles, the last of my fur babies to be introduced. This 'Little Face' is a lanolin scented ball of contradictions. Charles is half Turkish Van, and loves the water. He spends a lot of time playing in the rain, and almost as much drying himself - usually on my bed. In summer when water is short, outside, he will sit on the edge of my bath playing with the bubbles, occasionally perching on my leg or chest, it is too - too cute and trusting of him for me to be grossed out.

Charles is a warrior, the smallest of my three and the definite 'boss'. At five weeks old (when he came into our lives) my Maggie dog came to sniff him, Charles latched onto her nose with the tenacity of a lion and the grip of liquid nails. Maggie has the scar to prove it. Charles is, however, the only cat to curl up and sleep with Maggie. And, if Charles is asleep on Maggie's bed she will carefully curl up around him - it is beautiful to watch as he will often then stretch out to lay his head on one of Maggies big legs.

Charles hates to be picked up and will run from feet wearing shoes, flee treatments and children. He will also walk across to me, as I sit cross legged at the lap top, and push my hands and legs into position so that he may curl up on my lap. Somehow I am left feeling honoured, and like Maggie, unable to move until He, the little cat, is ready!


One Crabapple said...

How funny about the water ! ?

And Poor Maggie !!!

*** Mr. Charles is a delight ***

One Crabapple said...

Love the card too !

Dotee said...

Oh Julie Charles is quite a character - and a beautiful boy too!

I smiled at the image of him playing in the rain. And, then coming inside to dry off (no doubt rubbing his wet body on you as he comes past!). Goodness, he loves water doesn't he? I laughed out loud at the thought of him playing with the bubbles in the bath and making himself at home.

I used to know someone whose cat would lie on her chest when she was in the bath and she said it was comforting(and funny at the same time).

It sounds like he has plenty of spunk. And, certainly showed Maggie who was boss early on in his life. He hee - you describe it well with your words about him having the tenacity of a lion and the grip of liquid nails! Maggie is obviously the forgiving sort though - their relationship sounds beautiful now.

My heart is warm at the image of Maggie curling up carefully around Charles and him stretching out to lay his head on one of herlegs. Beautiful.

He obviously loves you and his life and brings much joy to you.

The card is lovely - and the quote speaks volumes.