Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Little Pink Book

I stayed with the pink theme, but was diverted by the colour. My close friend 'S' loves pink - a lot, and as I began to work in pink it seemed a shame not to make a gift for her. 'S' and family are building a new home, hence the house. Inside are inspirational quotes, stamped in pink and all surrounded by flowers, on cream card.

Isn't it amazing a 'grunge girl' has so much pink on hand? It seems I am prepared for every mood ... organised ... prepared... or just a combination of bower bird and shop-a-holic?


Dotee said...

Very nice Julie! Very fresh and soothing at the same time. Your friend will love it. The inspirational quotes inside the journal are a lovely touch. You are a very thoughtful and loving person.

I think it's lovely that a self confessed ' grunge' girl has such an amazing palette of colors to choose from!

Dotee xoxo

Natalie B said...

Hi Julie

Can I ask what sort of book/journal this is? Such a great idea for a gift for somebody moving home or for somebody who's just had a baby (I'm sure you know who I mean)....ahhhh all I need now is more hours in my day....DId you make the book/journal yourself or did you buy it?? Questions, questions...LOL

It is absolutely gorgeous Julie and your friend will love it. I love all of your work Julie, whatever colour it is....I'm not really a pink girl myself (you might have gathered that already), but I can appreciate it!

Big hugs

Julie H said...

Hi Nat

It was a Lil' Davis Journal with a green cover!!! So I may as well have made one myself, I was just feeling too lazy to cut all the inside paper, and I got a whole lot of these cheap a while back.

Thanks for the encouragement Nat.

One Crabapple said...

How fun !

Your PINKS are wonderful !

And this "S" loves it too !

Interesting to use a color you would not ordinarily use isn't it ?

Well , "S" is a lucky friend that will surely love this!