Monday, July 10, 2006

Gifts and Giving

These two adorable dolls, June, and his yet to be named pink friend are gifts from the very talented, generous and warm Dotee (link to her blog to the right). Dotee is a Melbourne artist that I met on a recent stamp camp in Busselton (INKrediblyRT). I treasure these dolls, not because they are funky works of art - look at the glorious juxtaposition of aged face and hot pink petals - but because they were stitched by Dot. Dot puts her heart into all her art and it is a privilege to have been given these two.

Today I spent time drinking coffee with a close friend, she showered me with gifts, a gorgeous rooster plate (I do so love roosters), napkins and ephemera. All lovely and already I am planning a home for my plate - but the biggest gift was not wrapped up and taken away, it was tucked inside my heart. The pleasure of sharing honest conversation, of getting to know each other a little better, sharing our journeys and of course a little art chat, this was today's priceless gift.

Tonight I finished a couple more ha'penny dolls. One of these is for a friend who loves to cook, and spoils me with yummy treats regularly - hence the cutlery theme. I started a Stampers Challenge for Stamping and Papercraft and I have gesso'd a handful of journals and a book ready to alter. I am carefully eye contact with the pile of school work - at least for a couple more days...

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Dotee said...

Oh Julie - what a thrill it was to see two of my little art dolls on your blog! So glad you like them so much. And, I am very touched by your words. You have a beautiful way of expressing yourself and I am loving sharing art and thoughts with you. I will always put my heart into anything I make for you xxxx.

It sounds like you had a great time with your friend. There is nothing like time spent with some one close. Getting to gently peel back the layers and get to know them that bit more.

I smiled at you loving roosters - you are such a sweetheart and so refreshing to know. Your joy over every day life brings a smile to my face when I read your blog thoughts.

Love, love the new ha'penny dolls (I do feel special that I have one of my own). The little cutlery legs and arms are so special! How do you age them like that? Have also been wondering how you make the beautiful faces you use for your dolls too.

Take care - hope you are enjoying your holidays and managing to avoid looking at the school work!