Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I am home again and have been back at school for a few days, finally I have time to reflect on a wonderful weekend, yes, it was wonderful. I was fortunate to stay with friends who are, in so many ways, family too. We have known each other a long time and I have babysat twice while 'A' gave birth. The last time the result was a lovely little girl who is now ten years old. We had a lot of fun because this little girl is now enjoying playing with paper!!! Above are some of her fantastic creations from the weekend.

Staying with my friends was like a coming home of sorts, I have not been in Perth to stay for so long. One awkward pre-teen has turned into a handsome young man, who took me for a drive in his car; a cuddly little boy has become a talented soccer playing teenager; an animal loving child is now a spunky animal loving boy of double digits - so much change. And yet so little, long cups of tea for girlfriends, shopping, morning sport, swapping stories from our hearts and a feeling that this (our relationship) is a home of sorts. So many years apart and yet this 'Aunty' was trusted to trim the long curls of the 10yo, invited to share travel stories and asked for her opinion on so many things. All 6 members of this family are shining lights in my life.

My Maggie-Girl was deliriously happy to have her Mum home, despite the fact she had been thoroughly spoilt, and well looked after, by two lovely humans and Cherie the poodle princess. I asked her to pose for this picture last week so I would have a recent one to take away with me. This is my front step and she was desperate to go and chase a neighbourhood cat as it wandered by. What a good girl she was to hold her pose while resisting the slow walk, and twitching tail, of an overconfident pussy cat. The winter sun is going down on my front view in this pic. Isn't it lovely? I am off to play with another journal cover and we will see what else unfolds in the art zone.


dogfaeriex5 said...

your maggie-girl is beautiful!!
i wish i couldkiss her nose...
wet dog kisses from my dogs to yours...


Dotee said...

What a lovely post Julie!

You are obviously very loved by your friends. And am sure her 10 year old daughter enjoyed creating with you (love her creations too).

I enjoy reading your words as you express yourself so well and paint pictures beautifully.

Can picture you spending time with your friend of long standing and her children.

What a special photo of Maggie! She looks very alert in this pic. I just want to go up to her and snuggle her!

Mmmm...the winter sun picture is very restful. Hope one day to visit you and share that view.

Much love

Dotee xoxo

Anonymous said...

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