Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Home - Out the back

My home is my favourite place in the whole world. It is just a little house on a hill, I share it with the bank. However, it is my safe cocoon when it seems the world is a scary dark place, it is my haven when people let me down, more than that, is still bliss when everything 'out there' is perfect.

I walk over my threshold to re-enter my home at least once most days and my body responds autonomously, it lets out a deep sigh - a tension releasing, emptying of old air sigh. At the same time a smile will curl across my face. A moment of complete refreshing, as I leave one world and enter another.

At times I may need to clean, or weed, repair or paint - but none of these things stop home being home. Today I share with you a little of my haven, the deck out-back and some of its view. My hills, the Stirling Ranges, as a little girl I grew up looking at them from the other side, when I moved down to Albany after 20 years it was like living near an old friend again. The deck is the perfect spot for drinking cups of tea, or a glass of wine at night. The lights of town below create my own little fairy land. If the decking could talk it would tell of adult parties, children's picnics, secrets told and memories shared.

My lemon tree, has a life of its own, and perhaps one day I will tell its story. For now, the fruit is good and the colours against an Aussie blue sky - divine. Sometimes it is hard to fathom why my God has blessed me so richly.


Natalie B said...

Beautiful Julie! I'm trying to picture where in Albany you are situated.

Home should be a haven - dont you think?


littledawnieno1 said...

Oh Julie !
You make me want to move house (or can I come stay at yours)LOL
You are indeed a lucky girl.What a super view.
I look forward to the story of the lemon tree.

Dawn xxx

Dotee said...

Julie - so lovely to see part of your home! Your little house on the hill.

Can just imagine you walking through your front door and letting out a deep sigh. With a gentle smile on your gorgeous face.

There is no where like home.

And, I agree with Nat . Home should be haven where you can just ' be'.

Sounds like you have such a place.

Your deck has such a beautiful view of the Stirling ranges. I can just imagine you drinking cups of tea or a glass of wine and watching the tinkling lights below.

I like the idea of the decking talking of what has gone on there.
You have such a beautiful way with words Julie. Reading them gives me such a feeling of contentment and happiness.

You express yourself so well.

Like Dawnie I look forward to hearing the story of the lemon tree.

Your God has blessed you richly because of the special person you are. I wish you abundance in every part of your life.

Much love
Dotee xx

dogfaeriex5 said...

what a beautiful space you have,(heavy sigh!)i am imaging sitting and looking over the horizon drinking my starbucks...very wonderful....

Caty said...

I love it! wonderful place! I already sent your pink swap......:)