Tuesday, July 18, 2006

This and That

I just had the thought that I am so glad I am not a full time artist dependent on my mojo/muse/ability combination to make a living. Some form of artistic expression seems to be as essential to me as breathing, but while creating for project deadlines teaches me a lot, it is not as joyous as creating for the sake of art. I love the adrenalin rush of succeeding at new techniques or themes, and I love that my mail box has more art than bills delivered each day, so I won't give up swapping, or challenges - however, at this stage I want more of what I do, to be 'just because'.
Today I played with these cards - my break from school work, and wished for longer days. What a joy it was to receive this little doll in the mail - A PMS doll by 'creativeaddictions' (on eBay). I bought this one for myself and another for a friend. And unlike the Misty Mawn collage, which is looking very at home on my wall, I really will give the other one away.
I promise! Tomorrow I am having another self imposed 'home day' to make a big dent in my marking/prep pile. Wish me luck, and if you are in the area drop in for coffee/chai/OJ/ a glass of water ... , it would be rude to turn a guest away, wouldn't it?


Dotee said...

Oh Julie, if I was in the area I would pop in for a chai(love the stuff). Mind you if I popped in you may not get any work done for school!

Your thoughts about not being a full time artist for a living resonated with me. You certainly are talented enough to be one but I think that it must be challenging rather than fun) earning a living as an artist.
Having/needing to be creative on demand.

Creating for the sake of art is a joyous thing (like how you put that). Like you I get excited when I learn (and hopefully master) a new technique. And my mail box runneth over with creative goodies too :). I am enjoying being involved in quality swaps. Receiving others art is such a special experience!

Love, love your little PMS doll, and know your friend will too.

I have one on the way to me this week to add to my collection.

The cards you have made are gorgeous. Lots of detail, texture and depth. You have inspired me to start making some ATC's again. Mmm...can feel your 'rusting' technique coming on. Haven't tried it but am going to have a go this weekend.

Take care of you special lady.

Dotee xoxo

dogfaeriex5 said...

you know my favorite word is "believe" and i just bought a charm made by a beautiful jewelry artist- lisa call, a simple silver tag that has the words believe on it!! your work is very inspriring! thank -you!