Friday, July 07, 2006

Misty Mawn Collage Arrived

My second lovely collage arrived today - and it was celebrated, as I wrote to Misty yesterday.

The postie came just as I was leaving for work (I teach high school), so, not able to wait until I came home I took my parcel with me. I unwrapped my parcel in a class of 20 x 14 year olds, who all crowded around my desk. I have taught these students for a couple of years and we are quite close. They commented initially on the lovely writing on the package, then oohed and aahed over the green fabric and fibres wrapping the collage.

One of my lovely, but rather buffy football playing boys then picked up the two gourmet tea bags, tucked under the fibres and commented, "Miss will like these - they're organic with strange names"... next a crafty girl picked up Misty's note written on beautiful paper and asked if I would keep it.

When finally my collage was unveiled there was complete silence for a moment and then lots of positive comment and discussion, lots of questions about how it was created ... and such a lovely warm atmosphere. And no, this was not an art class - a Society and Environment (history) class. My lovely work of art was 'borrowed' several times to be shown to other classes, and teachers, throughout the day. Each time it had to be re-wrapped so that the students could demonstrate the full experience of unwrapping and exposing the art work.

Thank you Misty, not just for the beautiful art, but for the total experience - shared with my class - which blessed my day.


Dotee said...

What a wonderful example of how art connects us all.

Your new Misty is beautiful. And, as always her art is multi-layered and full of meaning.

Your students obviously feel very comfortable around you and it was generous of you to share this moment (or many moments by the sound if it) with them.

Misty always puts so much time and effort into her art. From the initial painting/ collage to the wrapped product. I think it is special that your 14 year old students were part of this and they will remember it for a long time.

I smiled at one of your boys commenting on the tea bags :) And the girl asking if you would keep Misty's note.

And, the final unveiling of the art. I can just imagine their reactions to it. So much to look at and admire!

The other classes and teachers who were part of this would have enjoyed it to. Sounds like this work of art would have been wrapped and unwrapped many times today.

A lovely story Julie.

Dotee xx

Natalie B said...

Wow what a superb piece of art work! Hmmm am starting to think maybe one of her collage pieces should go on my wish list for a Christmas pressie.

Wonderful Julie, it sounds like it has been a fantastic day all round.

Take care

One Crabapple said...

Hey Jules

Happy last day of school for you and Happy vacation time !!!

It must be bittersweet though.

Two years ago I had a second and third English language reading class at the Middle School. It almost killed me to say good bye to my kids and have to keep up a strong front at the end of the year!

The story here about your kids and Misty's art is really uplifting.

I always love to read your stories. YOu must be a wonderful teacher !

Misty will surely be happy to know how far reaching her extra thoughtfulness went. She seems such a sensitive soul herself. ( I only know from reading her blog )

Love to you as you let a big breath out and start your summer !

littledawnieno1 said...

I was right there with you reading this Julie. just lovely J.
A bonus that Misty's collage is so YUMMY you lucky girl.Her work just keeps getting more and more super.
thanks for sharing your unveiling with everyone.I really enjoyed it too.
Huggle to you
Dawn T xxx