Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Inspired by Misty

It is no secret that I love Misty Mawn's work, in fact I have just purchased a second collage from her - if I can bear to part with it, then a friend will receive it very soon. If not then they may receive a piece of my art work instead. This piece is 4" x 6" and there is actually not the contrast between the green of the figure and the green of the background shown in the scan. Several weeks ago I loosely followed Misty's instructions for her background technique (Cloth, Paper, Scissors, vol 7), and prepared a handful of them. This is the last, and I have so enjoyed playing 'in' her style as I journey towards my own.


Natalie B said...

Gorgeous Julie. You're friend shall love it I'm sure. Big hugs

Dotee said...

Oh, Julie - this is beautiful! The colors are so subtle and the images work so well together.
Love the way your style is developing.

You are very thoughtful (and generous) to purchase a Misty for your friend. Am sure it will be hard to part with!

Dotee xx

arttealife/onecrabapple said...

Hi Julie

Psst! I still dont have your name and address for the PINK swap.

going to send out names and partners tomorrow...hope you will send your info.

I will include my email address here on my name link.

Love, Sandy

kelly rae said...

love this. and don't you love experimenting? and remember that all artists journey, just as you do, in and out of varying styles. it makes it so fun!