Thursday, June 15, 2006

A Full Day

What a joy it was this morning to receive this jiggling art doll in my mail. The scan does not do justice to the beads as they catch the light or the glittering wings. The creator? A Mystery Muse to be revealed at the end of the month - when I find out I will acknowledge her - for now this June Doll will hang in doorway to catch the winter sunshine.

It has been a day full of sunshine, precious moments with some special students, fun with friends and lots of smiles.

Tonight I started some canvases using Claudine Helmuths contact and acrylic paint background, I am so enjoying this time of trying new things.


Dotee said...

Hi Julie

What a beautiful art doll! I am sure it catches the light wonderfully.

Glad you have had such a good day and had special moments to treasure.

Looking forward to seeing your new canvases. I am thinking of buying another 12 x 12 canvas this weekend and trying one of Claudine's background technique's.

Glad you are enjoying your time of making new things.

Dot xx

littledawnieno1 said...

What a lovely MM gift. I love a handmade gift,and your doll is certainly very beautiful.How special do you feel?
I'm enjoying your blog Julie. Its a nice way of catching up with your thoughts and feelings.

Hug to you my friend
Dawn xxxx