Monday, June 19, 2006

Mish Mish and the Marking

This is the page I contributed to Nat's Mostly Metal chunky book. The background was my first in Misty Mawn's style. The teaspoon angel is, as far as I know, all my own. It will probably stay that way, after hammering 30+ teaspoons flat, it wasn't just the furry people who were sure this was not going to become a popular style!! I am, however, really pleased with the way they turned out and am sooo looking forward to getting the book back with everyone's work.
Hamish has been helping me mark history exams tonight. He kindly warms each paper before I have to handle it. He also chases my pen across the page (providing me with much needed exercise), occasionally tackling it to the table and attempting to eat it! This leads to a long pat and play session, and the much needed breaks from concentrating on whether Britain has one 't' or two. Of course it also means that it is 12.38am and I still have an hours marking to do ...

Hugs to you all.


Natalie B said...

And it is as gorgeous in the flesh, as it is in the scan! Cheers Nat

Dotee said...

Hi Julie
I was lucky enough to see your pages you made for Nat's mostly metal book at the recent camp! Gorgeous work, and very original. Love the teaspoon angels!

Hamish is such a lovely boy - and so ' helpful'. I laughed at your words about him 'warming' each paper and then chasing your pen across the page! Ronnie often tries to ' help' me create! And if I am not giving him enough attention he will try to swipe some of my art supplies off my coffee table with his big paws.

Our fur babies - where would we be without them?

Hope you got some sleep my friend.

Dotee xoxo

littledawnieno1 said...

I am sooo looking forward to receiving one of my very own spoon angels Julie( they do make me smile ).This fat metal book is going to be super.
Am enjoying your Blog my friend and as you,have been enjoying the colours of the winter leaves.Its those moments I stop and say "aint life grand"
happy day
Dawn x