Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ha'penny Dolls

It has been a glorous winter's Saturday. I stayed up late and began this little couple last night, and then managed to sleep-in this morning. I have flitted from one spot to another today. Morning coffee with my brother, his wife and my very beautiful 8 week old neice. A wander through a local art show and then lunch with a stamping friend. Afternoon coffee at a friends home about ten km out of town - a great place for Maggie to ramble - and then back home. I feel so refreshed and relaxed.

I am happy with the way these two have worked out, they have been in my head for a while ... and the name, from the Australian half penny in their tummy - which turns the 'glossy accents' a lovely green as it dries.

Now to be domestic, washing to fold, ironing to do .... my other reality.


arttealife/onecrabapple said...

Hi Julie

I have left you my email address on my name link

please send me your name and address info for the swap !

LOve the half penny dolls !

so weird to hear you talk about Winter ! I wish ! we are about to have our record heat weekend here in California !

I think of you cozy and running around having coffee with your family, etc. and it makes me wish for winter again ! All we can do is move like slugs here in this heat....

So glad you are joining the Pink Goodie Package swap.

Love, S.

Dotee said...

Hi there Julie

Sounds like you have had a glorious Saturday. I am sure your 8 week old niece is beautiful(and loves her aunty already - how could she not?).

And, I love your 'Ha' penny Dolls's!! I like what you have done with the ' Zetti' like arms (are they the ones from Sall?).

Your art always inspires me. As you do.

Dotee xoxo

littledawnieno1 said...

Im so thrilled with my Ha'penny doll.How lucky am I.Just lovely work Julie,you so inspire me.
Yes I found that Glossy Accents reacted with some copper filings .Gave a nice bluey green hue. Interesting.

Love your blog J

D xxx