Saturday, June 17, 2006

Heaven's Leaves and My Boys

These leaves are sitting on a platter in my kitchen, and each time I pass them by, I smile.
A real smile that goes deep on the inside, a smile that no other person sees.
They are so beautiful, they are free.
They remind me of primary school days - when I would throw leaves in the air and dance under them.
The leaves hold so many colours ... so much variety.
They are from my liquid amber and there is a little pride, that it is now growing in my garden - a sense of being grown up, I have a tree, I planted it.
And today they are my way of bringing the outside in.
I am so thankful for these leaves.

These are my boys, Phantom, Hamish and Charles. They enjoy some of the same foods (as they are here); they are all three years old; they are sterilised (sorry boys - I promise not to let any girl cats read this); they love their Mama and are very affectionate. They also have very different personalities, however, I will leave that for another day - it is back to the marking for now.

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Dotee said...

Oh Julie - I am loving your blog. You speak from the heart and I enjoy reading about your life and art.

There is something special about leaves isn't there? And, Liquid Amber's have always been one of my favorite tree's. How special that these leaves are from your very own tree!

The photo's of your boys Phantom , Hamish and Charles is gorgeous. Could they get any closer to each other? *grin*.
Hamish does look very fluffy like Ronnie bear(love his tail). Look forward to reading more about their 3 year old personalities! Please let them know I will ensure that no girl cats read that bit of your blog about them being sterilised!
Good luck with the marking.

Dotee xoxo