Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Art Shack

This faux batik paper patchwork is a class I created tonight for the Scrapbook Designs, Art Shack this weekend. I had a lot of fun playing with layers and texure; now the wait to see if anyone will want to do the class ... oh well, what will be, will be ..


One Crabapple said...

of course they will want to do the class !!!!

This is stunning !

Dotee said...

This is beautiful Julie!

I would do the class in an instant if I lived over there. The colors and layering are gorgeous.

Do you know of any jobs going in Albany? *grin*.

Natalie B said...

Julie this is gorgeous.... perhaps you could do some on-line classes (no idea how) for those of us that dont live locally (big grins)... nat b

Marie said...

Looks great, I'm sure the weekend and the class will be a great success. Good luck! and..see you soon!

Anonymous said...

Lucky me - I got to do this class, could only have been better if you were there to teach it Julie.

I have been meaning to email you since I got back from Art Shack to tell you how fantastic your wall hanging was - just gorgeous.

Hope the marking is going well - will see you very soon.

Take care
kelly ( Mt Barker)