Monday, June 26, 2006

Babies Abound

It seems that once again I am in a season of life where friends and acquaintances are being blessed with babies. Normally this would put me in a bit of a tailspin, but somehow since the last batch I have grown, changed, perhaps matured ... I am able to be genuinely happy for those with new children, and, at the same time grateful for the rich life I have. I look inward and realise that my overactive mind, and life full of highs and lows could probably not cope with a full time child.

Tonight I took a four year old shopping, it was delightful to hear his world views (that man who shoved in front of us should go sit on the naughty mat), to share his enthusiasm for small things (yes, seedless watermelon does exist, yes he can choose any piece he wants), to revel in his adoration (yes, I am his best friend and yes I was clever to get the chicken for half price). However, it is also nice to have come home, made a stash of note cards and a few birth cards, to have ignored the dishes for now, to be contemplating a glass of wine in a clean toy free bath, and to know that I can borrow a child, from a weary Mum, almost any time.


Natalie B said...

Gorgeous card Julie....yes tis the season for babies at the moment. Another of my good friends is due any day now. Also a boy. You are very kind to take the 4 yr old out shopping. I bet he loved every minute of it! Big hugs Nat

One Crabapple said...

What a delightful moment spent here with you !

Ah that there WERE Naughty Mats to send Overbearing Shoving Men to !!!

They'd be quite full, those mats ...wouldn't they ?

I cant help but think that the next time I have an "incident" in traffic that the Naughty Mat story will be coming to mind !

And that will help lighten the moment !

Thanks for sharing...see how interesting... these little gifts we give eachother without even knowing it ?

Pretty Kool

Dotee said...

Hi Julie

It certainly does seem to be the season for babies!

I related so much to what you wrote about your feelings about children.

It was only last year that I finally let go of my dreams about having children of my own. And, am now (like your wise self)able to be truly happy for others who are blessed with children. It has been a long time coming.

I laughed out loud at your shopping experience with the 4 year old! What a wise little man - and yes you are very clever to have purchased the chicken at half price *grin*.

Am sure that the children in your life love you very much. If I was a child I would love to have you as my Aunty.

And, yes it is nice to come home to your own space too. When I had my niece Phoebe over to stay recently I loved spending time with her. And, then loved having my place to myself too!

Dotee xoxo