Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Process Journey

Sometimes I despair because I have so much to learn. I am not happy with so many aspects of this piece and had so many problems along the way - and yet I learnt so much about process; about how to make paint work for me.

I think that I have also told the story that has circulated around my head for weeks now, the next story will be more skillfully executed, I wonder if it will mean more ...

Tonight I was blessed by a very good friend who came and cleaned my house allowing me to mark history exams. What a joy it is to have had company while working on a tedious chore, and to have lovely clean floorboards!


Natalie B said...

Julie I love this! Where did your large image come from? Is that a Misty Mawn background? The colours are beautiful and soft. Would love to know what colours you used. Take care

Dotee said...

Hi Julie
This piece is beautiful! I love the image of the lady from your adopted family. Agree with Nat - the colors are beautiful and soft.
Like you I am learning more and more how to use paint. It is a wonderful medium to work with isn't it?
And a big yay for your friend doing some housework for you so you were freed up to mark the exams.
Dot xx

Julie H said...

Yes Nat, this background is very much inspired by Misty's, but is done with much thicker layers. I used bugundy, opal and white JoSonja paint and a pink. I also dulled the whole thing down with a nice thick coat of Golden Gel Medium. The image is one of my 'adopted' family bought from e-bay. Hugs, Julie

arttealife/onecrabapple said...

This is sooo pretty.

I tagged you for pink art on Friday but I lost so many links (yours being one of them !) because the network went bonkeres !

I am still in the process of fixing them.

*** TAG ***