Thursday, November 30, 2006

The wait is over!!

What a long day it has been. Miss Maggie had surgery today - if you are not too fainthearted she is flashing her chest for you.

I woke early and gave my Girl her pre-meds, here at home, and I resisted her longing looks at the food bowl.

Two hours later, my Mum and I got the news that the lump in her chest was just fatty tissue, can you hear my heart sing? It is. I was so afraid of the big 'C'.

X-rays show that her heart is not quite in the right spot, her airways in her lungs are thickening, and she may have some free fluid. She also seems to have some nerve damage in her chest area - which may have been the cause of the pain - not the fatty mass. I have a long list of things to look out for, but it is possible that her pain and chest problems are all due to old age (Humpfff we say - we are not ready to be old) - even the increase in allergies. So Maggie is ending the day as she began it ...

Wishing for food.

I didn't realise until I got home (and read the post-operative care plan) that they were going to suggest broiled white meat as a meal - so I am preparing the vego option - an egg white omelette. I hope that is OK, I seem to recall that's what I did when the boys were sterilised.


Anonymous said...

her eyes say everything!to what a good mommy you are!it is amazing to me how our pets are so important in our daily lives..god love them!! hoping she heals quickly..doggy kisses and kitty kisses coming your way from my home to yours, sweet maggie...

One Crabapple said...

Hi Mags!

Poster Girl for chest surgery there !

yikes ! ouch.

So GLAD it was only fattty tissue.

I am sorry I didn't know about this sooner and that you had this worry on your mind. I have been in my own bubble world lately and getting out of touch with these things ! I was so surprised to read about her surgery !

So glad it all came out pretty well.
I frowned at the egg whites as I would want some luscious meal too....But she was probably so happy to get a meal again she did not even notice.

Yeh...this thing about getting old STINKS.

Big hugs for you both.
Love, S.

Anonymous said...

Oh Julie, I didn't know Maggie was having surgery yesterday!How scary for you.

Very, very happy(and relieved) that is was fatty tissue on her chest and nothing more serious.

Am sure she was so hungry she would have wolfed down the egg whites.

She is such a beautiful girl. When I saw this photo I wanted to gently hold her face betwen my hands and kiss her head.

Hope the other symptons ease.

Much love to you and to Maggy

Dotee xoxo

Julie H said...

Thank you Kim, Sandy and Dotee. My lovely girl appears to have slept well through night and is now sunning herself sleepily on the deck.

She did like her omelette - and she kept it down!

I didn't post about the surgery, I was, umm.. avoiding the issue until the day - too many tears every time I discussed it. So please don't be sorry - I was head in the sand!

Anonymous said...

Julie great news about Maggie!! big sigh of relief for you and give Maggie an extra big (gently of course) hug from me. Natxx

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that Maggie's surgery turned out well. I hope she has a speedy recovery! I know how hard it is when our precious furry babies are ill.

One Crabapple said...

HI again Maggie. So glad to hear you slept and ate well. Keep up the good work.

sombra said...

I'm so glad that you puppy is doing well!