Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jean Lussier

I have googled away the mystery of my Niagara Falls "hero".

Jean LussierJuly 4th, 1928
Jean Lussier, a native of Quebec, designed a six foot rubber ball composed of 32 inner tubes and a double-wall steel frame. One of the biggest crowds on record saw the stunt on July 4th, 1928. The ball took some hard knocks in the rapids but the skip over the Falls was perfect. About one hour after entering his ball, Lussier stepped ashore none the worse for wear. For many years he displayed his ball at Niagara Falls and sold small pieces of the inner tubes for souvenirs at 50 cents a piece.

Apparently Jean invested his life savings of $1500 (a lot of money in 1928) in the construction of the ball. By 1928 attempts at crossing the falls were illegal. He sounds like a real character.
My 3 signed photos are fantastic memento’s of this event, and his later life

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One Crabapple said...

Jean Lussier WAS CRAZZZY !

oh my gosh.

What do you suppose drives someone to try such things?

And it worked........

1500 in 1928 was a small fortune ! my goodness.

He really had a Dream .

He didn't have money to EAT but he had a dream.


Wow. Who woulda thought....a big steel reinforced Rubber Ball. (((shudder)))

Can you imagine that ride down ? It seems pretty amazing to even try to IMAGINE.

I just think it is so kool that you have those photos.