Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sleepy Crafts

I have slept more this weekend than in the entire previous seven days, and it is only 2.00pm Sunday. It feels fantastic!

Last year I made extra Christmas cards to have ready to send to my overseas family - there they are above, and yes they are now written in, and ready to post. So next week when I am making the Australian cards I think I will do the same again, extras I mean.

By the way, if you are worried about the flies on the top left card - don't be - no flies were injured in the production of this card. Last summer my English cousin and her boyfriend were with us for Christmas. I have never met anyone as bothered by Aussie flies as this boy - so I could not resist adding a few plastic ones to their card.
These are the very simple cards I have made for my classes at school - if any of my arty kiddo's are reading, this is why I wanted the old music, as you cleaned the music room. I think there are 60, and I am embarrassed to admit I did not have to buy a thing. I have only bought about 50 sheets of paper/card in the last two years and still I could open a store. I must confess that while I am resisting paper my will power when it comes to rubber, beads, paint, wire, etc in non- existent.
And finally, I had a 'TA DA' moment on Friday. For years I have struggled to find nice collars for Maggie. She is quite large and not particularly feminine looking - we get offended regularly as fellow walkers refer to my baby as "HE". Large collars seem to be black, blue (both too masculine), red (imagine the clash) and hot pink (ditto the clash). My poor bubby has been wearing her purple collar with silver flowers for about 4 or five years now, it really had seen better days. Then I clicked - eyelets! This is version 1.0 as I experimented. Make a hole, use a match to seal the fibers, set eyelet with washer. Easy. I sense a new wardrobe coming up!.


Anonymous said...

The cards are beautiful....and I like the fact you included the flies as a joke.

The star cards are so simple and elegant looking. What a great idea. And I know exactly what you're talking about with paper addiction! I have it too!!

Lisa said...

I love the cards and the plastic flies...perfect. LOL I must say I envy your supply. :)

That's a great collar. She should be very proud to wear it!

Lainey said...

Hey Jules
Can you make Nero and Charlie designer collars for their Christmas stockings???? I feel a business idea coming on..

One Crabapple said...

How CLEVER for Maggie's collar ! Can't wait to see the future collar selection from her vast wardrobe ! That would make you her personal designer ! When is the show ???

oh Sleep - so wonderful. I envy you ! and you do deserve it. I am glad you got some good sleep and had time for it too. Isn't it spring there ? Do you feel your spring fever coming on ?

as for the Christmas cards ! they are really wonderful and you are so smart - I like this idea of making extras NOW to have for next year ! and so you are so ahead of the game aren't you ?

The cards are really nice - great use of recycled papers !

The flies - cracked me up. I laughed at the disclaimer.

Love, S.

One Crabapple said...

Ps - Hi Maggie Girl !!! so glad to see you doing well. Xo