Sunday, November 05, 2006

Inspired by you!

Well, yes, YOU! Chances are if you are reading my blog I have read yours, or seen your art at some time.

This is my first 4" x 4" collage (thanks Carmel , for the canvas).

The piece has photographed very true to colour except for the face which does not have the yellow tinge. The background, twinkling H2Os, was inspired by Holly. I am sure I have seen alphabet hair somewhere, the hair shape is very Kelly Rae and, believe it or not, the shadow flowers were inspired by Claudine Helmuth.

While I loath the thought of copying another's work I am becoming more and more aware that very few individual components, within my art, are unique, rather compositions. I am not sure I like that ... Then again what an enourmous ego it would take to imagine a part-time, beginning artist could create something totally unique. What I am sure of is that on this journey to express myself, and perhaps to one day find my own style, it seems necessary.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I DO love her hair!! Very inspiring:)

Dotee said...

Julie - I was hoping to see some of your art today!!

This is gorgeous!! Love the colors you have used. They are very bold and luscious. It is lovely to see the influence of other artist here, given your own special twist!

What a delicious background. The alphabet hair is fabulous - did you use rub ons???

And how did you make the torso? I ordered some of that fabulous faces and you have given me ideas on how to use them.

You have really inspired me today -thanks so much Julie.

I think your style is very distinctive :)

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful creation! The colors are superb! You're quite good! I'd love to see more of your art.


Julie H said...

Thank you, and hugs to you all.

Dotee, the alphabet is a hero arts alphabet stamp set. I have a mold of the torso and as I was making this thought - Dotee will like these - so I will make you some with my next batch.

pinar said...

I love the torso and the colours and the Hair. We all are inspirated by others.. and we see so much, thanks to the blogs, that sometimes I don't know if this was my creation,or a variation of something seen somewhere else..
but I like this.. because I am sure this is a modification that carries our signature..

Anonymous said...

I was once a musician, too, so I find your Brahm's sketch to be very interesting:)

Janet said...

This is so vibrant and colorful. The hair is fantastic! Love that idea. And the torso is also a fun touch.

Kai said...

Aloha Julie, I wouldnt be loathing just yet. We learn by coping letters, then writing our own stories.. Same with art, we copy a style, explore a medium throu a picture or pattern, we evolve our own styles and techniques.
Everyone copies natures colours, But without the talent you obviously possess, you're not going to excell. You dear, are an artist!! Find your groove!!
Peace, Kai.

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

my dear Julie, this is fantastic! You ARE an artist. We all inspire one another, be it in a new technique or supplies etc....there are books galore as well. It is in the individual spin you place in your artwork that will set you apart every time. You are unique because you are Julie, the most authentic Julie there even though you take inspiration from others what you do with it is still your own. I love this piece and all of its components. Keep going, I can't wait to see more!

Lisa said...

I look at all those blogs and still find this very original. I love the hair and the background. I think the great thing about this community is the sharing spirit and I think there is probably some deeply profound relation between our connections to one another, how we are ,none of us, simply ourselves but composites of everyone we meet or have met and the way this is reflected in our art.

Lainey said...

Oh!!! She is way cool Jules! Do you still have her, I'd love to see it up front next time we meet!
Lainey x

Julie H said...

Thank you all.

Lainey, I still have her! I have some more backgrounds prepared with the twinkling h2Os and the chunky paint underneath.

I love the 4" by 4" size and am going ot make some sets of three.

kelly rae said...

your work is growing and it is so fun to watch. artists are inspired by other artists. even the greats were inspired by one another. if you look closley at their work you will see it! just as we are all inspired by life. piece by piece, your style will find you. your own unique style is already all over these pieces. any techniques that any of use aren't new. they've been around forever. you are a gift! this doens't look like anybody's art but your own!