Monday, November 27, 2006

Challenge and History

I signed up for an ATC swap on one of my groups, the challenge to produce 4 different ATC's using a technique from Somerset Studio. These are the results from "Pencil and Stencil", as taught by Jeannine Peregrine in the May/June 2006 issue.

The technique was not quite as simple as it appeared, but once I got into the flow a lot of fun - and one I may try again.

As to the history, the athlete featured here is Jean Luc__, he went across Niagara Falls in a large rubber ball. I know this because there were three photo's of him at different ages in a set of canbinet cards, I bought a little while ago. There were only a few words and he had signed all the cards. Gifts for a fan? A lover? A friend... How I would love to know more.


Lost Aussie said...

Hi Chickie, how are you? Feeling better I hope. Rick's turn to visit the boys, my turn in January.
Tell E' I said hi. She owes me an email.!

Anonymous said...

I love Somerset Studio magazine. But sadly all I usually do is look at it. You on the other hand have actually done something from it....and quite nicely, too. I can especially relate to the last card...the aching back!!

Lainey said...

awesome and inspiring to look at your work Jules! as always

One Crabapple said...

Gotta check and see if I have that issue.....this sounds so interesting. I do love the look of your little cards ! I like how you can almost see bits and pieces of music sheets here and there....and the little figure you used
(Jean Luc ?) is perfect with the colors and style. It is wonderful. The whole group.

Now as to your question.....I fail Teach. I fail miserably on this and unless I cheat and look it up.......

what a FIND on the cabinet cards ! Intriguing !

Anonymous said...

These are really interesting Julie. I enlarged the photo so I could take a peek at them up close. Love the flippers on some of his feet!

You are so good at trying new techiques. Always feel so inspired after seeing your latest art (I have been wanting to try your napkin technique with PVA glue after seeing your stunning ATC for France).

BTW, I will be sending out a group email from home tonight but wanted to let you know that I posted off your 1" collage swap today. Your rust/sepia squares look great!


Dotee xoxo

Holly Stinnett said...

oh, Julie how fun! I love projects that challenge us. These look wonderful!

Jeannine said...

I love what you've done with this technique! These are clever and charming ... I love the man wearing the red flippers!