Thursday, November 23, 2006

An hour in my gym ...#2

I have not had time for art this week as it is "the" week for writing school reports and marking year 11 exams. These photos are from the walk on the weekend, however, Maggie and I have had time to fit a few more walks in. Thank you to everyone who has checked in to see I am ok; I am getting better every day.


kelly w said...

Hey Julie,

Just wanted to say love the close up of the beautiful maggie girl - she looks like she is feeling alot better - what about her Mum?

Hope the exams and reports aren't been too horrendous - will see you soon,


Julie H said...

Thanks Kelly. Funnily enough the Mum is doing ok. Maggie, however, has some huge lumps on her neck, so we are looking at a biopsy about Thursday next week.

Will tell all on the w/e.