Friday, November 17, 2006

This world can be a confusing place ...

In year 12 I used the quote, "Order is Heaven's first law" from Alexander Pope extensively. It was a good one to fit most essays. This week it has returned almost as a a prayer.

Several situations both at work and home have left me bewildered. Why can't people be honest with each other? So much confusion arises when people use lies and half truths ...

Anyway this 4" canvas came out of my frustration, and the hope I feel as I step back. The background is so simple and organised - not my usual style at all. I picture my lady rising above the confusion and letting go of her concerns one by one.

This one is painted using Lumieres' acrylic paints and Glaze Pens. The punctuation is Making Memories rub-ons. Both molds are by Krafty Lady.


One Crabapple said...

Wow gorgeous collage. And the colors ! They are beautiful....shimmering but slightly dark .

The tiny dots decorating the body are wonderful.
Very Aussie BTW ! Love that !

Hmmm, I am sorry about this experience you are having to muck things up.

I hear ya.

Glad to see you up and around and doing art though.
Putting it into your artwork is a wonderful way to heal and get answers....don't you think ?

Love, S.

Love the colors !!!

Dotee's art said...

This is beautiful Julie! And the perfect way to express your frustrations.

Like Sandy I love the dots in the background and you have painted the torso perfectly. Makes me want to go and play with my Lumieres!

Hope you have a good weekend and those awful withdrawal symptons have gone away totally.

Dotee xx

Anonymous said...

I love everything about this Julie - dealing with issues through art can be so healing.

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful....and I know how she feels! Sometimes life is just so confusing. I like the background and her little wings. Very simple but a strong statement.