Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Parcel with Heart

Just over a week ago I asked Kim what the Halloween Candy tasted like - I promise I was not hinting - just wondering why my American friends loved it soooo much.

Look what arrived in the mail today! A beautifully cuddly Halloween bear and an enormous bag of corn candy all packed in the most amazing box. Kim had covered it with candy history and Halloween images.

Well as you can see I have tried the candy! Ohhh bliss and yummo!

As to the taste -what a shock! The moment it hit my mouth I thought - Jersey Caramels - with a hint of maple syrup (corn syrup according to the ingredient list). After 4, or perhaps 5, taste tests I decided that it was not as sweet as J.C's and had more flavour. I thought the candy was hard! My goodness - my mouth was in a state of euphoric shock. So, thank you Kim.

I have to say that it was the perfect day for a thoughtful gift as I feel a bit weighted down by the world around me at the moment. Tomorrow I will take my candy to school and let my year 9 class have one piece each. As you can see there will be plenty left for me.


Lisa said...

What a sweet treat! I love that stuff. I have been known to eat it for breakfast with coffee. hehe

It's so nice of you to take it to school for your class. I'm sure they'll feel very special.

It was so nice of Kim to go that extra mile, putting the history and images on the box. Sounds like a good friend. :)

Anonymous said...

wow, what a treat to stop by and see something posted about me! i am so happy you like it and it is addicting! if you mix salted peanuts with the candy corn , it tastes like a payday candy bar, do you have those?? you are so sweet just like the candy and i am glad it made you feel better, nothing like a little something something in the mail to cheer up the day!! anytime for you my friend!!

Anonymous said...

Those candy corns are very tasty.
I haven't had those in the longest time!

Lisa (oceandreamer) said...

sometimes we take for granted the things that are familiar and think "oh everyone has had those" - forgetting that living in different countries it isn't true. So I am so glad you received this and have a taste of it now. What a lovely gesture for Kim to do for you!!
I hope some of the weight of the world around is lifted and you see light!!

Janet said...

Oh, candy corn!! Isn't it delicious? I loved it as a kid but haven't had it in years. That was such a sweet (no pun intended) treat to get in the mail.

Dotee said...

Hello there dear Julie

What a bountiful treat dear Kim sent you! She is a such a sweetie and so thoughtful. Am glad that this special parcel arrived on a day you needed it (hope you are feeling a bit better xoxo).

Mmmm....thr candy sounds amazing. Am sure the kids at school will love to taste it too.

A big yay for you!!

Dotee xoxo

Kai said...

how sweet of Kim to send you sweeties!!!
Candy corn is sooo yummo..
PEace, Kai