Monday, March 05, 2007

Happy Feet Have Wandered Home

....and not just Miss Maggie's, however, she does look delighted to be back.
As for me I am centered again.

I had a delicious time catching up with wonderful friends, old and new, and soaking up art chat and teaching. Tomorrow I will start to blog the art I created while away, and reflections from the wonderful workshops.
I had to post these photo's first as my journey started with an unhappy puppy dog. On Thursday after I left Maggie I drove safely to Fremantle, through unseasonal rain, interspersed with wild dust storms! The combination served to have me arrive a little fretful and definitely tired. Only to be met very quickly by the wonderful Dawnie who took me out for soothing cups of tea before we met other friends for dinner. It was wonderful to catch up with friends I don't normally see. I met some wonderful women whose art I have admired for many years as well. It was good to share stories, see each others faces as we chatted and have the flow of conversation not possible in an e-mail - the pasta was good too!


LisaOceandreamer said...

so happy to see you back and full of renewal! Oh yes dear Maggie definitely looks like one happy girl to be home! I am so anxious to hear more about this and see what wonderful new art works you created.

I finally sent out things long over due and now getting to more current ones(yours included). Soon, very soon!


Janet said...

That sounds absolutely heavenly! Art chat with friends over tea or dinner....what could be better.

Doreen G said...

Welcome back---can't wait to see what you have done.

Dotee said...

Welcome back Julie! Miss Maggie does look very happy to see your home. I LOVE the photo of her paws.

Am so pleased you had such a good time (and our Dawnie looked after you on Thursday night , bless her).

No onto your post about Mr De Meng's class!!

One Crabapple said...

Welcome Home !!!

ahhh Maggie .. so sweet.

Did you LOVE getting back to your own bed ? and did you roll around and wiggle your butt down in it a little like MIss Mags here ?

so...Art Heals Again , hmmm ?
YAY !!

Looking forward to your posts on your STUFF !