Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lesley Riley Workshop

Works in progress. The first book, made of painted interfacing, is almost complete and has a wonderful soft leather texture. I used some of Lesley's fabulous images to explore the concept of aging as a woman and may add some more journalling. At the same time I want to keep a lot of the wonderful rich colour showing through.

The folded book is sitting on loose pages I prepared in class, on lutador, and I will make them up into a book in the near future.

This was a fun class, and Lesley is very clear in her instructions; she kept everyone moving along in the morning to get their backgrounds prepared and the afternoon was spent relaxing with embellishments. Lesley was also very, very generous with supplies, and was so kind to all of us, as we struggled with the inevitable tiredness after three days of workshops.

I have just heard that the next Art Journey Retreat is in Melbourne. Unfortunately teachers can not take holidays just any time so I am glad I had decided to save to go to an overseas retreat next.

I left this retreat and drove the five hours home with a full moon clearly visible to my left, for most of the drive. As I drove it reflected on my car window and I reflected not on the weekend's padding - but on the art I had created, and absorbed, and the people I had met. My heart sang, a peace came upon me and I felt centered, somehow the moon was essential to that. It put things in perspective.


Anonymous said...

Julie - I saw the link to your blog on Stampgropers so had to have a read! You have conveyed the magic of the weekend beautifully and I love your creative results. I know we were in totally different classes but I wish I had got that much actually done myself! It was lovely to finally meet you (thanks to Evelyn) even if it was brief. Debbi B

littledawnieno1 said...

This looks amazing already my lovely.You really grab me with what you produce, even unfinished.Love the colour and the images look divine.
Had a peek at Ev work today.She is itching to do more work on her class stuff.Sounds like you gals were very inspired.


D xxx

Janet said...

That is a wonderful quote by George Bernard Shaw that you used and I don't think there's any chance of you growing old since you obviously have so much fun playing. That's not meant that you aren't serious about your art only that you seem to have fun with it. I can just imagine driving along with the moon keeping you company all the way home. Not a bad co-pilot!

Laura said...

Wow! Your work in Lesley's class is just awesome!! So gorgeous! Great theme!

I took her class last October, and could not get my project off the ground, so I know how good yours is!!!!!!

and driving home with the full moon sounds like a magical experience!

Holly Stinnett said...

What a fun class and a beautiful project. Just reading your last posts have made me EVEN more excited to attend Artfest. The anticipation is almost more than I can manage! I am so excited.

Natalie B said...

Ohhh Julie where will you be going to overseas?? And who will it be with?? Lucky you... Love the cover image, just really sings out to me. What a great theme to work on, it would have been something I probably would have picked myself, seeing as I've just had a bday and age is playing on my mind at the moment.

We're on a yellow alert cyclone watch, so no school, no nothing today. HOpefully I wont lose internet though!! Gotta get the priorities right... hehe take care and thank you so much for sharing.


LisaOceandreamer said...

I have so enjoyed your descriptions of the workshops, from the teachers to the final projects. I have some great interfacing to play with and often use it inside my quilties for stability. I've been wanting to play with painting and embellishing it...AND you can hit some of it with a heat gun and it will melt enough to be yet another embellishment. Thank you for sharing all this, I am so glad your ride back gave you that peace.
NOW where overseas will you attend the next one? I have never been to any of them and I am truly hoping to attend next year.
I love the Shaw quote as well.

Gunnels blog said...

Hi Julie!
Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog! So good, I found your blog! I am been sitting here reading for a log time now! And I will be back, soon!

What great worksshops you have taken! I am a fan of Leslie Riley, I have her books. Yesterday I have done a little memoriesquilt, inspired of her, I will take a photo of it today and upload on my blog.

I read the Quilting Arts and have just take a subscribition of Cloth, Paper, Scissors - this is new for me. I do want to learn me to do mix media art. I am an textile person, but I hope I will learn to do it, too!


Jacky said...

Oh Julie, an overseas Art Retreat, wouldnt that be such a treat. We need someone to actually take a group over (like they do with the patchworkers). Take in the Artfest and some of the amazing shops over in the USA???
Saw some retreats to Italy too, I could just imagine somewhere in Tuscany "creating".... I'm saving too.
The workshops you took sound fantastic and you have accomplished so much! I am really enjoying reading about it and seeing what you have done. Thank you for sharing.

Dotee said...

Catching up on your blog and your wonderful eye candy (and very special words).

Julie, I have loved reading about the classes you attended. And this class looks right up your alley. I have not worked with Lutrador but am keen to.

Your book looks beautiful so far. Beautiful colors and images.

Another work of art to treasure.

I am smiling thinking of you driving home with the moon to your left. Lighting the way gently home. Providing reflection internally and externally.

Am so pleased you have taken this time out for you.

I am happy that the art retreat will be in Melbourne next year (for obvious reasons) but would LOVE to attend a overseas art retreat.

Jacky and I have often spoken about how wonderful it would be to go to Artfest (wish I was going with Holly this year).

Art brings us all together. From near and far.

Doreen G said...

What a lovely book Julie-You have shown us some amazing work from your Retreat.

One Crabapple said...

I always love reading your thoughts

you write so well.


And so inspiring !

One of these days ! I am going to do a book too ! and maybe we can trade pages ???

Lesley Riley said...

What a lovely post, especially about your trip home under the full moon. I saw that moon in Sydney too! The book is beautiful, you certainly are a star student, but i suspect you came to class with a lot of talent to begin with. Miss you all!