Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Nina Bagley Workshop

I had a blissful 'art day' at home yesterday and finished attaching the chain to my booklace. It was 38 degrees here today (for my American friends that's celcius - and hot - It is 100 degrees F) and my students were fractious so it is nice to come back to this piece of art.

Nina (said nine-a) was a delight to learn from, I knew she would be kind, wise and gentle. What I did not suspect was feisty - who forgot the mica? and why did those staff kick us out of the room so early?
Nina was very patient with us, her students, as she taught drilling, aging and the famous Nina knot, repeating the process step by step until we were all able to make joins with 'some' competence. I want to add some more beads into my chain but don't have all I need to age some more copper so will leave it for now.
I was working a lot with butterflies before I went away -feeling as if I was emerging and beginning to fly again; praying for the strength to 'rise up on wings as eagles'. The birds are, for me, an in between phase - the next step forward on my current journey.
I so enjoyed learning from Nina and seeing her heart on display, both in the way she taught us and in her own jewellery (which is even more beautiful up close), and would have loved to have had time to chat with her about her artistic process.


Natalie B said...

What a fabulous piece of art!! the class sounds like it was devine!
Just gorgeous Julie! Natxx

Ev said...

This has turned out beautifully, Im with you in the wanting to get to know Nina better...maybe next time she is over as I have a feeling she will be back. After all she has to come and see the flying black cows (yes I said black cows for those who didn't attend that workshop) that sit in the trees down Freo making all that racket LOL. You are doing such a wonderful job of finishing your projects. Big hugs coming your way.

littledawnieno1 said...

This looks amazing ! Wish I could touch it.The birds are perfect Julie.Sounds like you enjoyed your artistic journey with Nina.
Im so happy for you.

Wonderful job on the booklace.

Hugs Julie

Dawn xxx

carmel said...

what wonderful work Julie and the experience is something that will stay with you for years, sometimes the athmosphere is enough for me. It was great to see you again and hopefully it won't be as long till next time. Enjoy your treasures. Hugs, Carmel xx

Janet said...

That is a beautiful necklace! I love the aged look. Are all those pages inside? And is it cloth or paper or something else? I love it.

The bird is perfect since it also flies but possibly higher and farther than a butterfly....and birds have such a great eye for seeing things. I think you are a bird flying very high and your eye for art is fantastic.

Dotee said...

Now I know what a booklace is:)

I LOVE this piece Julie. What a perfect piece of art. And one to treasure.Alongside memories of your day with Nina.

She sounds delightful and I have admired her jewellery for a long, long time.

Every page in your 'book' is so special, and full of meaning.

I smiled when I saw the page with the tin birdhouse, it looks beautiful!

You truly are flying Julie. And you will have the strength to continue on your special journey. With your friends alongside you.

I love the number 7 on the front cover too. It is one of my favorite numbers and has special significance in numerology.

Thanks so much for sharing photo's and memories of your classes at the art retreat. I am so pleased you had this special time.

I love you.


sammy said...

Oh you did a awesome job in your book from your class with her... amazing work you do... ! Now that would be a fun class! I am hoping that she will be teaching in ArtnSoul in Portland this Oct... would love to do a class with her...

LisaOceandreamer said...

Isn't that funny I didn't get booklace like necklace - I was thinking hmm....lacing a book. sometimes I can be so dense!
This is such a wonderful wearable art piece, I love it! I read Nina's blog and have seen her phenom fact she had posted about leaving for Australia...not realizing it was for the workshop you attended. Wouldn't it be amazing to travel all over and teach people art?

One Crabapple said...

wow this is amazing !

I did not know it was Nine-ah...or was that an Aussie Thing ?

heyyyy Thirty Eight degrees ? Now wasn't it just hot and summery ? That seems like a huge drop. Brrrr.

Julie H said...

Thanks everyone -I did love this class. And, I should have said celsius - so it is hot, the hottest recorded March day in Albany. It actually got to 40 deg C which is about 110F.

As to the nine-a, that is Nina's pronounciation, she made ur rhyme with Carolina!

Holly Stinnett said...

Gorgeous!!! I have been wanting to work with mica - another thing to add to my ongoing list. Absolutely lovely work and lovely story!

Jacky said...

What a treasure your bird book is Julie... I truly love it. The bird images are wonderful and the aging. I am in awe!
Well done, so beautiful.

dogfaeriex5 said...

absolutely amazing!!!
i will be taking this class in june...julie it is just so so beautiful!

molly jean said...

Wow, that is an awsome necklace! How wonderful to get to take a workshop from Nina. I have heard that she is a really good teacher.