Friday, March 09, 2007

Catching Up

I created this little 4" x 4" collaged canvas for the lovely Lisa (Oceandreamer) recently and it has found its way home so now I can share. The photo does not show the depth of colour - the canvas was coloured with Twinkling H2Os and is quite vibrant. This was such a fun piece to create.
This amazing charm necklace arrived the day before I left for the Art Journey Workshops and was the subject of much discussion and praise in Fremantle. It is the result of a swap hosted by Kim (Art Dogs Life) and is something I will treasure forever. The charms were made by (working left to right) Shara Kreisssl, Laura Duet, Me, Kim, Dawn Rice, Kim, Lisa Call, Dot Christian, Heather Simpson-Bluhm and Pinar Donmez. What makes it extra special is that participants came from both sides of Australia, several states of the USA and Turkey! Thanks again for hosting this one Kim!
This weekend I am back to lists, household chores, marking and other school work, etc. For tonight I am free - I have flitted from the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors to practicing Nina knots on a necklace and back to the computer to check on the rest of the world. How blessed I feel.


LisaOceandreamer said...

Dear Julie, I have the art you sent me on my blog - I added your photo to the collage of the photos, hope you don't mind, heehee! I so love all of it and to look at it makes me feel joy! Thank you again and finally yours goes out on Monday. woohoo!

Those charms are absolutely fantastic, what a treasure. I need to go back and look at it again. They're all so incredible!


Lisa said...

Oh Julie. The collage is stunning. I love it. The charm bracelet is great. I'm going to have to try that one of these days...and I LOVE your book you did with Nina (and I'm glad to see how to pronounce her name..I was saying it wrong). So much yummy goodness over here on your blog.

Arty Lady's blog said...

Oh I just LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the canvas you made for Lisa - it's gorgeous!

Your chsrm bracelet looks great oo

Dotee said...

Oh Julie, it does my heart good to hear you so happy and centered.

I so wish I was there with you to have a cup of tea, and to play with the boys and Maggie!

The canvas you made for dear Lisa is WONDERFUL!! I love the colors you have used The image of the moon looking down onto the magical kitty is so special. And the colors you have used are so perfect for Lisa!!

Having seen the piece you made for Jacky I know that the colors you use are so much more vibrant in real life.

And the necklace is wonderful. I wear mine with pride too and think of the love and time that went into it's creation. When I wear it I often touch the charm you made and it makes my heart warm.

I love you

Dotee xoxo

P.S I know you will love any art Lisa sends you. She is an incredible artist. I will bring the art doll over she made for me to camp in June so you can see her up close.

littledawnieno1 said...

Special stuff miss Julie.Your canvas is delightful.
That charm necklace is wonderful, so hope you do another charm swap soon.It certainly did catch everyones eye.What a great conversation piece.

Enjoy your weekend

Sending a hug, so it should get there just before nana nap time.

Dawnie xxx

Holly Stinnett said...

Hi Julie,
I love the canvas. It's so pretty and one of my favorite colors.

The charm bracelet is gorgeous. Each charm is so special. I really like the little round blue one with the little baby face in the middle. What a great thing to have!

Jacky said...

Hi Julie, your charm necklace of beautiful. I have seen Dots in real life and was in awe at some of the work. I particularly love the little wire nest with eggs (how gorgeous).
Lisa's canvas is just divine... I know the colours on mine are amazing in real life, the H20's give your pieces a luminous look at times.
I have that piece on my sideboard in the kitchen and look at it often. It is an inspiring piece of art.
Jacky xx

dogfaeriex5 said...

love that cat art work and of course i love the charm necklace, like dotee, i love to touch the charms also...thank-you from the bottom of my heart!!! your art from the recent retreat is awesome!!! you did so wonderful things!

One Crabapple said...

the 4x4 IS SOOO KOOOOOl !!!!!