Sunday, March 25, 2007

Just Charming..

Yesterday was ... truly.
My Mum came to visit, my lovely friend Kelly dropped in for art chat and the sun shone gaily all day. My marking languished on the table, I didn't finish the washing and yet somehow a finished charm bracelet appeared on my work desk. A mystery indeed. Except that my beloved daylight saving has ended, and I changed my clocks early, to give myself an extra hour before bed - it was just the time I needed to finish this silver bracelet. It will be put away carefully for the birthday of a friend, in a few months time.
And now a question. I rang my friend Ann, and asked that she and her visiting sister and 16 year old daughter all measure their wrists at the widest point. What do you know, they were all 19cm. The question - is this a family thing? A coincidence? Or is your wrist 19cm circumference?
Thank you for all the soldering tips and encouragement. I have a set of helping hands on order and I am going to chase up a copy of Sally Jean Alexanders book.


littledawnieno1 said...

Love your cool bracelet Julie.Ive started work on the charm swap,YAY.
So many things to play with, its great.

As for wrist size in this family we all are different, so was the boys.My wrist size is 17.5.
But will try to remember to measure ma & pa when they bring miss 10 home this arvo.

Have a great day Julie
D xxx

Natalie B said...

Wow this bracelet is gorgeous. Love those little twists that you do at the top of the charm. I'm guessing this is a Nina knot?? Gorgeous as always Julie.


jacky said...

Sounds like you had a blissful day Julie....
Isnt it lovely to just hang out with family and friends and just attend to what really please that gorgeous charm bracelet!!! Your friend will be very happy with such a lovely, personal gift.

kelsey said...

Gorgeous bracelet Julie and I'll bet the recipient is over the moon when she gets it.

Also loved the little rusty spikey thing in your previous post...can't wait to see that one made up!

carmel said...

just beautiful Julie, lucky B'day girl when she gets it. Love the knot attachment! need to start on le charms and hanging out for the canvas. Hugs, Carmel xx

Dotee said...

Gorgeous bracelet Julie. Your friend will love it!
So glad you have had such a lovely weekend.
Love you

Dotee xoxo

Judy said...

The bracelet looks great - those knots way too perfect as well as the clasp - just can't get mine as perfect as that - oh well. I am sure your feiend will be ecstatic receiving it.

One Crabapple said...

love this bracelet.'s my birthday in a few months.....



Love, S.

LisaOceandreamer said...

AMAZING!!!! This is a true work of art from your clever hands! What a very lucky person to receive this glory!!
I have Sally Jean's book and the soldering iron/flux etc. but I have yet to do it. I keep saying "as soon as...." - the fact is I just need to try.
You should be receiving your art from me soon now I hope.