Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hamish Rules the Schedule

I really should be bringing washing in off the line. It is a wonderful autumn day, I am wearing a sleeveless dress and it is a pleasure to do outside chores. However, my dirty sheets are still on the bed. Why? Well King Hamish, my beloved, came in from his morning work too tired even to clean himself.
At 9.00 am he tried to sleep on top of the latest Marian Keyes novel, unfortunately I was turning the pages at the time. At 9.30 he tried sleeping on my back, but I HAD to go to the small room. At 10.00 he tried sleeping on Maggie's bed - I tipped him off to wash her thick bedding first. At 10.30 he tried back on my bed by the pillow and the phone went off right beside him. It is now 2.09 pm and he had had almost four hours of relatively undisturbed sleep - I really did not mean for the camera flash to wake him... I didn't ... And he looks so comfortable with his head resting on his front leg, the adorable little paw now curled over his eyes in case of any more nasty bright lights. What is a good Mummy to do?
If I can't wash, I guess I could make myself create... The ATC's above were made this week and I do have some jewellery designs in my head.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie, Poor King Hamish, a cat needs his sleep especially one as handsome as he! It's a good job he loves you unconditionally, It's hard work being King you know. How wonderful your Nina knots are, you truly are talented. Well done and keep creating, from Charmaine :-)

Dotee said...

Those ATC's are beautiful Julie.I love how you layer your art. It is very effective.

And I smiled at sleeping Hamish. He is a beautiful boy. And then laughed at your description of his antics! I find it very hard to be cross with Ronnie and Esmeralda when they try to ' help' me in whatever it is I am trying to do.

Glad you have had some lovely autumn weather. It is such a beautiful time of year isn't it?

One Crabapple said...


The ATC's are wonderful- BUT I am lovin' Hamish and he stole the show here !

Hi Hame (nose rubbing in belly fur)

Whatta Sweety PIE !

xo- S.