Thursday, March 15, 2007

More Knots and Dotee Love

I had another fish bead, and those Nina knots have me hooked ... so what else could I do? This necklace will be winging its way overseas in the next day or so .
I made a journal cover for a friend using the same technique as these ATC's recently. It is loosely based on a technique in the Bernie Berlin book I bought recently.
And today when I woke up tired - and a little grumpy - just a touch of Thursdayitis, I was thrilled to receive this parcel from Dotee. The fabric ATC's are deluxe - so different and yet both made with love. And look at those charms - little boys and penguins; just delightful.
I so love this blog world, all the friends, encouragement and inspiration are life sustaining.


Dotee said...

Hello my friend..

Sorry to hear you had a bit of Thursdayitis today. But glad that my little packaged helped a little!

I ADORE those ATC's! Love how the birdies are hiding behind the shapes. Gorgeous, gorgeous colors too.

And you have well and truly mastered the Nina knot! Another beautiful necklace.

I agree with you about the blogging world. It brings comfort and stimulation. And so much inspiration on a daily basis.

Love you

Dotee xoxo

littledawnieno1 said...

There is always bountiful eye candy at your place JH.LUUUUvvvvvv the necklace.great colour choice, again.Love the richness of the journal cover.

WONDERFUL ATC's from Dotee.Arnt they grand.

Thanks for sharing my lovely.

hug to you

D xxx

One Crabapple said...

awwww That DOT !!! how sweet. You got some good stuff - but then You ARE Good Stuff ! laughing. I know that was silly - it's late for me - Im tired ! ! ! But I do think you are pretty Good STuff !