Wednesday, February 28, 2007


Packed? Yes
Ready? Ummmm ...

I am packed and ready to drive off up to Art Journey Retreat in the morning. I have more luggage than the average family of 4 and KNOW I will not have taken something I want. But as the retreat is being held in the bustling city of Fremantle I have managed to convince myself there in nothing I cannot buy, if needed, when I get there. My Mum is organised to visit daily, at least, and take care of Hamish, Charles and Phantom. Maggie is packed for the kennels - and I really do not need her looking at me like this all night, my heart is already breaking at leaving her.

Poor love the moment she sees a case she is bereft. This Mama's girl can have the best of care but would rather be with her Mum,and have no attention. That love is both the most amazing blessing and a bind.

I am always an emotional wreck before I leave home - and end up enjoying myself once I arrive. I have been looking forward to this Retreat for almost a year and now am almost numb with a combination of anticipation, fear and excitement.

I will take photos, and keep a journal, while I am away and hopefully will be able to share with you on Tuesday.

Stay safe.


Me said...

This Mama's girl can have the best of care but would rather be with her Mum,and have no attention. That love is both the most amazing blessing and a bind.

Do you know that in a way that sounds like the most incredible description of God. He has angels to sing His praises and yet He craves us - His children and would rather have no attention from us and be part of our lives than for us to turn our backs on Him and put Him in a Church that we never visit.

It isn't a perfect analogy but something in your sentence when I read it grabbed me immediately - something about how Maggie craves you is how God craves us and it is for us both the most incredible blessing in the universe and the most binding thing in the world when we would rather He stay nicely in His church box.

I am sorry for the wandering way off topic but those thoughts I wrote were almost instantaneous when I read that sentence and took far longer to write than the split second it took for them to hit me.

Have a wonderful time!! (And a safe trip).

Dotee said...

Look at that beautiful Maggie face! I know that Maggie adores you and will miss you.

I found these words really interesting" That love is both the most amazing blessing and a bind".

That's how it is for me and little Esmeralda. She loves me soo much that I feel a bit overwhelmed by it sometimes. I get pitiful meows every day when I leave for work!

Julie, I know you will have the best time at the art retreat and will come back refreshed with SO much art to share.

I am very excited for you!!

Natalie B said...

Julie, you've probably already gone, but have the BESTest most FABULOUSest time!! I'll be thinking of all you lucky gals rubbing shoulders with so many creative souls in one place.... Big hugs to you natxx

LisaOceandreamer said...

Julie I hope you have THE most amazing, creatively exhilarating, wonderful and amazing time! I know how it is when leaving our furry babies, when I think of going away the first thing that comes up is "can I leave my Daisy Cat?"
Sending hugs and love,

One Crabapple said...

How EXCITING ! it is finally here !

The Big Retreat ! yayayyyy!

It is going to be GREAT and you will have so many things to share - in time ! I am sure at first you will be either burned out or overwhelmed, huh?

And I know what you mean about the anxiety of leaving this way and having MAggie Anxiety ! I too have this with our Babies...But like you I do end up letting it go a bit and having a good time and everything is fine when I get home again.

I wish I was near , I would gladly sit with MIss Maggie and the Kitties while you are away!

Good Luck and hope you are having fun THIS MINUTE !

Love, S.

Holly Stinnett said...

Oh Julie... I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to see what you creat and see all the photos! I know how hard it is to leave our four-leggeds behind. If I lived closer, I'd love to watch your sweet Maggie-girl. Have a lovely, lovely time and I'll be checking back to see what you post.

Lisa said...

I hope you are having a wonderful time.