Wednesday, February 07, 2007

This and That

Thank you so much to all the wonderful people who have left comments, particularly about my self-portrait, it makes my day when I hear from my bloggy friends.

Many of you asked about the process I used for the canvas. When I was happy with the background basics I printed the photo onto and inkjet transparency (using my inkjet printer and durabrite inks). I then put a good thick coat of Golden gel medium onto the back of the transfer and lay it on top of the canvas. Using my bone scorer I gently pressed the the transparency to the canvas. I find this gel transfers almost too well and having it fairly wet allowed me to lift it without a full transfer. The think coat also means that it will dry with a slight crackle effect.

I could scream, rant and rave about my computer, but will simply say that it came back worse than it went away and has gone again. I so look forward to being back in my blog community.


Dotee said...

Hi there Julie

Was very happy to see a comment from you on my blog today!Thanks for popping by. I have been missing you so much and thinking of you every day.

So sorry to hear that your computer is still(*&^%$!!!) out of action (and that it came back to you worse than when it went out for repair). What a pest!I was without my laptop for 2 weeks last year and I felt like I had lost my connection to a lot of my online friends.

Hope it is fixed very speedily for you.

So glad you received my little package ok.

Thanks for sharing the technique about your beautiful canvas. I learn so much from you each time I see some of your art. And read your descriptions of the techniques you use.

We all miss you in our blogging community.

Lot of love to you, Maggie, and the boys from moi and the kitties xoxo

SombraKnight said...

I'm sorry that you're having computer problems :-(
I hope that all gets resolved soon.

Had a look at your self-portrait Art piece. I think it's quite beautiful.
Thank you for the technique information.
Have a Beautiful Day!


Natalie B said...

OH NO JULIE!! Ahhh technology, it's a bit of a love hate thing with me. Love it when it's working smoothly, hate it when it's not. Costly and it gives you such a headache to fix. Cross fingers it will be fixed in a hurry. Thanks for your comment on my gift for a friend. Big hugs to you

littledawnieno1 said...

So glad to see a little of you here today JH. Ive SOOOOOOO missed you my lovely.
Thanks for the transfer info. You did a cracking job there.Love your self portrait art.

Hope to see you back to blogging when your PC is feeling better.

Dawn xxx

Janet said...

Computer problems! Yuk!! I hope it comes back fixed this time.

Thanks for sharing your process with us. I thought your self-portrait was wonderful.

One Crabapple said...

and durabrites won't blurr and mix w/ the gel huh?

I really am inspired to try that printing on transparency....Oooo thank you ! And I am sure I will be back w/ questions on that !