Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Philosophical Return ...

I altered these playing cards this afternoon, the first from a pack for swapping at Art Journey Retreat. Typical me I did not feel like playing with paper, when paper I must. But once I got scissors and glue in my hands I was inspired. Normally I try to merge layers together - today I wanted to draw attention to the edges.
These lovely goodies including the "vegetarian" pin by Gael came from Dotee last week. The were included with the fabulous "inchies" below. I have admired those rusted birds for some time and am just thrilled to own some. Have a look at the wonderful face on the bottom left square and all the luscious beading. Dotee is such a blessing ...
The mysterious Mona card is from my friend Natalie another talented West Aussie I have yet to meet in the flesh; and yet I feel like I know her so well.
I must confess that during my time away from the computer I felt dehydrated and a little lost. So much of my artistic inspiration and encouragement comes from the blog and group friends I have, and yet I am surrounded by wonderful friends and family here in Albany. The time really did serve to remind me how essential art is to my well being, and not just the art within me but that I see from each of you as well.


littledawnieno1 said...

Love the inchies from Dotee darling. Arnt they just so yummy.Isnt the mona card great.Miss Natty is such a sweetheart and talented.
So lovely what you have done with the playing cards.I too have a card set to alter.At some stage it will be the perfect plaything for a certain project I'm sure.
So glad you are back J. Ive felt a little lost wihout you too.

Looking forward to sharing with you JH.

Dawn xxx

Natalie B said...

Hi Julie

Great to see you back on line!! Your gifts from Dotee are fabulous. She is such a sharing/caring/loving soul....Glad you got my card ok. Take care Hugs Natxx

Janet said...

Dotee is just the best. Those little rusted birds are adorable. I also like the "Mona" card. It's very intriguing. But mostly I love your playing cards! I like the middle one "how many days"...that little face says it all!

Sulea said...

Julie, so great to see you back again!!! So much eye candy. WOW... thanks for writing your transfer technique for your self portrait. It's a gorgeous piece of work!!! Your atcs look great and all those tiny squares from Dotee are so cool!

Dotee said...

Hi there my friend Julie

So glad to have you back. Missed reading your blog every day.

Beautiful ATC's as always. I do love the colors you have used on these. And the outlining looks very effective! Am sure everyone at the art retreat will be very keen to trade with you.

Am always tickled when I see goodies I have sent to you on your blog. I am glad you like the inchies and the other bits and pieces.

I saw Jacky yesterday and was admiring the beautiful 4 x 4 canvas you sent her. So beautiful Julie and she loves it so!!

Nat's Mona ATC is wonderful. Always love her use of color and texture.

I know what you mean about blogging and groups. There is such a wonderful community growing here and every artist (you included) gives so much inspiration.

Not long until your art retreat!!

Me said...

You said "I must confess that during my time away from the computer I felt dehydrated and a little lost. So much of my artistic inspiration and encouragement comes from the blog and group friends."

I know that feeling well. In the past the feeling was tied to poetry and the writing communities I was involved in. Now it is tied to photography. Somehow the nourishment is more worthwhile than any sort of therapy could ever be.

One Crabapple said...

yay she's back !!!

And look what goodies and delights you offer !

I love those playing cards you are doing. Those are great swaps ! I tried to enlarge the picture and for some reason it isn't working right now on my computer....shoot ! will try again later on that.

The inchies ! now ... I just tried making some little tiny "quilts" and good grief ! I have so much more respect for The Inchies you all are doing. These are ... challenging !

Love the Veggie Girl too - Mona and the birdie got some good STUFF !