Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Turning Corners

I made these cards on Sunday when the world was a dark place and I needed some light, they are a combination of journal and altered card. The process did help me to focus. Yesterday a funeral and being confronted by some harsh realities ( about myself ) plunged me into a darkness I once new well. It frightened me.

Today I got up and made the first of what I hope will be a collection of good decisions over the coming months. The peace, the relief ... I am climbing out of the valley. For the first time in weeks I don't have a sick tension knot in my tummy and I am facing outwards again.

Melancholy called my name, and today I decided not to answer - to fight on...

Please don't feel the need to comment, I am OK. I was warmed by the response to my last post - it helped me find some strength within, and the journey continues. I wonder where it will go.


littledawnieno1 said...

These ATC's are lovely.The background colour,beautiful.
Butterfly's and flowers,some of my favourite things.
Did you post them on blogger just for ME.(giggle)

Thankyou for sharing JH.

Dawnie xxx

Doreen G said...

Julie what a wonderful way to come out of your cocoon by making batterfly cards.
Keep believing in yourself and give yourself a big hug from me.
It's Ash Wednesday here tomorrow and I will kep you in my thoughts and prayers.

Sulea said...

hi Julie,
we are lucky to be able to cheer ourselves up with art :o) it is even more special when what we are doing has meaning to us.

I was just thinking the other day about the times when things were difficult and how worried i was all the time and giving myself such a hard time. Then one day, i realized that i just had to give myself permission to feel okay.

i hope the rest of your week turns out to be better :o)
lots of love

One Crabapple said...

These cards are so great. I can tell they were a comfort to work on --- you lost yourself in them and it shows. BEautiful

Janet said...

These cards are incredible! The colors are some of my favorites and the use of the butterfly is perfect....emerging from a cocoon! I love the journaling that you added, especially "does a butterfly rue?" They're just beautiful.

Dotee said...

My dear friend

Thankyou for sharing your vulnerabilities with us. Your ATC's are gorgeous. And a beautiful way of expressing your feelings.

I am very glad you are making decisions to make you happier.

Am walking alongside you, and looking at you with love.

Lisa said...

It's good to hear that the tension knots are gone. They are the worst. Yay for good decisions, too. It feels so good to recognize when we've made one.

Goodness...I wouldn't hazard a guess to this fabulous, magical journey. I am constantly in awe of where it takes me when I stop resisting.

Your art is beautiful as always. The little girl in the pic below looks so content, doesn't she? I bet she played hard getting all those scuffs. lol

One Crabapple said...

Just looking again ... Love them !

Anonymous said...

Beautiful ATCs, Beautiful colors, and a Beautiful Artist.
Sending you a warm hug and a prayer my friend.


Holly Stinnett said...

Julie, these are so beautiful... you come up with the most unique and special ideas for your art. You are such a talented artist and I enjoy visiting your blog so very much.

Jacky. said...

These ATC's are wonderful Julie, love the vivid colours and butterflies..... clever, clever girl.

Cat said...


These colors are so vivid.

You shine.