Wednesday, February 14, 2007

A Day

I received this fabulous book in the mail earlier in the week. I respect Bernie Berlin for her amazing work running a dog and cat rescue in the USA and for passionately advocating for sensible pet ownership. The profits from this book go to help save animals - and that is the reason I bought it. But Wow oh Wow! There are lots of amazing background and paper arts' techniques in this book, all illustrated with step-by-step photos and samples by other artists. I know I am going to try them all one-by-one.
I took an hour away from the demands of my day to alter a few more playing cards. At the moment these cards are giving me 'instant gratification' as I work on larger projects and adjust to working full-time for the first time in a few years.
I do not want to end up existing through each day and repeating, "on the weekend ... " or "on the holidays ... ". I need to make time to live beyond my job and my chores every day.


Anonymous said...

Hmm...I just realized that it's not Valentine's Day there anymore...
Happy belated Valentine's Day!


LisaOceandreamer said...

I bought the book as well and it's fabulous indeed. I can't wait to finish up some other things and start trying all the various techniques!
Happy Valentine's Day a day late sweet friend...i will be starting your my "item" for you this weekend and hope to mail it next Monday!
I like your thinking beyond job and chores every day!

Me said...

Oooooooooooh - I like what you did using the 'brads' (term) took me a moment to make it out as the pics are a bit dark but I I like it!!

Natalie B said...

Hi Julie

Oh so many questions.....Where did you get Bernie's book from?? Where did you get your hands on your mica??? And most importantly, are you excited about your trip to Perth for the Art Retreat in March!! Lucky you!!

Hope work get's a little easier for you, and you are able to make time for art.


Dotee said...

I have been thinking of buying this book too. Especially as it is for such a good cause. I really admire the work Bernie does. She is a saint.

Am glad you are enjoying the book and trying new techniques.

And am also very glad that you are going to make time to create more often as it is such an important part of you.

Love you much

Dotee xoxo

P.S So glad you and Lisa are doing a art swap!

littledawnieno1 said...

Helloooo miss Julie.Love this lot of the playing cards. A very different feel to this lot and I love the look.Mica is yummy isnt it.
Finding the energy to work, clean, run a household and create is definatley a balencing act.I too try to walk that tightrope.

Thanks for sharing J.


Dawnie xxx

Julie H said...

Thanks Sombra and Lisa - the sentiment is always appreciated.

Hi Nat, I ordered the book through Amazon, it cost me less that $40 including postage - can't remember the exact amount. I get my mica from
it seems to be reasonably priced.

Thanks everyone I promise I will return some individual e-mails over the weekend if not before.

Lisa said...

I was looking at this book at Barnes the other day. Really gorgeous book. Love your ATCs. I'm really going to have to try some gel transfers. :)

Janet said...

I recently bought that book and I love it! There are so many wonderful ideas and techniques. Now all I need is the time!

Holly Stinnett said...

This is a great book! I had it preordered for months before it was released and when it finally came, I wasn't disappointed. I love mine too.

kelly rae said...

i just bought this book, too. i think it's fabulous. once again, i come to your blog and you have been so busy making the coolest stuff! AND you continue to amaze me with all the goodies people send you in the mail! you are so creative and well loved!