Monday, February 12, 2007

It's Monday

Some more altered playing cards from the weekend - they are much nicer in real life. However , I am sure you can see how much I am loving gel transfers at the moment.
It was such a long day at work today with lots of niggling problems - and I am sitting here feeling quite pleased. Oh no, not with the problems but with the way I did not let them get to me.
My day started to wobble about 7.00 am. I went to set my breakfast plate on the table and poked a finger into a vase of flowers at the same time. No I was not washing the butter off my finger - rather, checking the water level. What do you know, I knocked the vase and it began to wobble, I dove to catch it. Not only did I fail and send water all over the table, but a dangling extremity (covered only in a thin nightie) with all of the table to hang over - landed in my fresh hot cup of tea.
Are you giggling? It is OK, I was not badly burnt - just a little pink. And, breakfast took a little longer than usual.
This wobble and splash set the tone for my day. Here's hoping for a smooth Tuesday!


Doreen G said...

One thing's for sure Julie the day could only get better from that point.
Love the ATC's also

Janet said...

I'm laughing at the dangling extremity!! That is too funny...I'm glad you weren't hurt and I'm sure today is a much better day.

The ATCs are so pretty. I've never done a gel transfer. Is it difficult? I love the textured, worn look they have. It adds so much to the cards.

LisaOceandreamer said...

alright, I did have to snicker a wee bit by "dangling extremity"...just glad all is ok.

I have not tried gel transfers yet - did you do them using the gel medium then soaking them in water? do tell. OH man I am WAY behind on trying and doing....but I am working on the swap piece for you!

One Crabapple said...

Yes I am laughing ! At first I thought you had cut your finger as I read it too fast....I thought, what ? wait a minute DANGLING EXTREMITY ? ooh how horrible. Then I laughed oh my gosh ? her BOOB?

O U C H !!!

Wow ! that is a big boob ! laughing more.

oh crack me up when you tell these things on yourself.

owWEE ! that was a wobble alright !

Yeh, Tuesday has GOT to be better ! But thanks for giving me a good chuckle on this Monday night.

Much Love, S.

ps, the playing cards came out really good !

littledawnieno1 said...

Thanks for the visual miss J lady.
A laugh at the expence of one of your 'gals'.
You do make me laugh.
Love the ATC's, very cool colours too.Excellent touch you have with the gel transfer too.

Hope your week is settling out to smooth sailing.
For goodness sake protect those precious 'girls' will you ! HA

I cant stop shaking my head and smiling. LOL

Hug miss julie
Dawnie xxx

Dotee said...

Oh Julie, I must admit to having a chuckle at your ' boob' accident! So glad it survived ok :)

These ATC's are lovely as always. I must admit I haven't had much luck with gel transfers. Maybe I need to get lessons from you!!!