Saturday, January 27, 2007

Wind, wind and more wind ...

Scrap paint background, collaged ephemera and an all over coat of bees wax. Follow with extra beeswax applied through sequin waste, rub with stazon ink. Thanks Dot for the inspiration.

I made these ATC's last night and am quite happy with them, I think the same effect would work well on a canvas.

We have had constant wind for the last few days, and while I love it when I am curled up in bed at night, it irritates me throughout the day. My garden is drying out, the washing (while drying) has to be anchored with triple the usual number of pegs and I have to keep windows closed to keep out the dust. Aaaaaaaagh!

Last night I had a perfect view of the Australia Day fire works from my house. It was lovely to sit outside, and chat with neighbours, while sipping a glass of wine, even in the wind.

In the spirit of neighbourliness (my own word?) I gave Maggie her Valium an hour before the fireworks, set her up comfortably in my/our room and popped all the cats inside too. Only to find that the bangs could hardly be heard over all the other barking dogs! Oh well, at least it was stress free for Miss Maggie.

Now I think I will use this wind as an excuse to visit my bed with a book for an hour or so.


littledawnieno1 said...

Lovely work JH.Love the colour tones and bet the texture feels great.The smell would be divine too I,m sure.All similar but very different. Love em.

Dawn x

Sulea said...

ooh love the antique look of your atcs... and i bet they smell good enough to eat. i can just feel the texture of your atcs ... mmmm

LisaOceandreamer said...

you made all of these in one night??? OH my dear Julie, how clever and quick are you!!! I love that technique but have not managed to locate the sequin waste yet.
I love them all!
sorry about the wind. Our beloved dog Cherokee was afraid of wind, it made her cry.

Natalie B said...

These look so yummy Julie!! What a great technique.. Will have to try that one also... On my to do or should I say to play list! Cheers Nat

Janet said...

You were a busy gal if you made all those in one evening! They have such a unique look to them, and the process sounds interesting.

We live in an area that is quite windy at certain times of the year. I get very agitated when it's windy for days on end. My sympathies to you!

Dotee said...

These are lovely Julie. Adding wax on top of wax is a great idea! And looks very effective. And the smell of wax is so scrumptious isn't it?

You are a good mama to make sure Maggie was calm and the kitties were inside with the fireworks.

I always worry about dogs when there are fireworks.

Take care,

Dotee xoxo

Jill said...

Oh how lovely! I so enjoy looking at your work.

Holly said...

Gorgeous ATC's. Some of the prettiest I've seen in a while - so unique!!!

One Crabapple said...

oh I LOVE wind ! I am with you tho...not the DRY wind thing. So dry here ! we are all cracking.

This collection of what was it ? Scrap paint ? ATc's....THESE look so cool all mounted together this way with the technique you used. I think you are really onto something here. This gives so much life to tWhat a great texture and the color works - Of course yes ! I am so inspired by Dotee and her use of blue greens now I am wanting to fall into a pool of this color and live in it.

Happy Australia Day...not quite sure what it is and if I am to wish you H.A.D. but it sounds fun and I loved that you tried to make it easier on Maggie that way. Sounds a bit like Independence Day is here...fireworks and summertime fun- neighbors and wine sipping.
Sounds really nice.

Wondered what you were reading here as you described snuggling into bed...

Love, S