Monday, January 15, 2007

Kits (and cleaning)!

In the process of cleaning, sorting and tidying (Pick yourselves off the floor - prior to the "noughties" I did it all the time!) all sorts of things have emerged. For instance, in my Art Room I have found an entire medium sized drawer of kits. Some of the kits I bought when I first began paper arts, most have been gifts from friends. I have decided it is time (2007 - not this week, giggle) to either make them or pull them apart and use the components.
This 7 Gypsies circle book came with two sheets of double sided paper, the suede letters, the large burgundy flowers, walnut ink, some core shapes and some ribbon. I left out the shapes, added some more flowers and leaves and made a double sided quote book in around two hours. It is to be a birthday gift next week.
These cards are part of a six card kit one one of my lovely English Aunties gave me this Christmas ( Along with a lot of other treasures - aaah, I am so spoilt). This is a new technique for me and I will make it my in front of the tele/on the phone play for the next week. Another New Years plan was to make a stack of cards early in the year, and then to use them to keep in better touch with friends across the globe - so this kit will help me meet my goal.

Back to that sorting, tidying and cleaning ...


Lisa said...

I always come here to find great art and interesting things. These kits are wonderful. Is that stitching done with thread or wire? I bought the most delicious French vintage threads yesterday, they have a wider width to them so I can't wait to stitch something and see how they look.

Janet said...

I need to do this very thing too. I have so many things stuffed into my studio that it would probably be like Christmas again if I started peeking into corners and cupboards! I love what you created in the round. And the cards look interesting. Is it thread?

Lisa said...

Now that makes sorting, tidying and cleaning worth the effort. :)

Julie H said...

Hi and thank you. The thread is fine silver wrapped around a stronger white base.

Cheers, Julie

Dotee said...

You are getting very organised Julie! I love what you have done with the 7 gyspies book.

And the flowers are beautiful too.