Thursday, January 04, 2007

Letting the Art Through

A group I belong to has a Mystery Muse once per month and in December it was my turn to make a gift for my beautiful friend Dawn. It was my idea that we have a Christmas theme for the gifts in December, it sounded like a good one at the time. I sat down three or four times and started Christmas ornaments and each time gave up - they had no soul. Then I tried a mini album - same result. Finally, just days before it was due, I got out one of my waste paint backgrounds, the one used here.

My idea was that these were quite bright colours - I could give each little face crowns and wings and make them festive. Somehow my fingers followed my thoughts of the day. And at that time I was contemplating labels, and stereotypes, and the hurts they cause people - especially teenagers.

These faces all come from the same mould, so they are similar. However, they are all different shapes and colours with different little personalities. And yet, at first and perhaps second glance the adornments - the outside trimmings are what catches the eye - and in society often leads to judgments.

When I finished this project I felt such a release, I had worked through some angst and sadness. I was left with a feeling of peace; I can't fix the world, I can see the teenagers in my care ... Really see them.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful for me to have this art piece in my hot little hands.
A truly unique and inspiring piece from our Julie, that is indeed a treasure just for me.
It begs to be touched, moved as these magnets are strong with their own magnetic board.
You floor me with your artistic expression Julie.This MM is fabulous and I shall treasure it always.
Thankyou for your williness to share your art.I love it

Dawn xxx

Anonymous said...

As I read this I thought about what you were saying. So many times we are all judged by some outside thing, some embellishment or some flaw that shows but if we only take that second glance we will see past that and get to the heart of the real person. I think you captured it so beautifully in your art piece.

Anonymous said...

WOW this is fabulous Julie! You have an amazing way of being able to express what you are feeling in your art. And you constantly amaze me with the variety of work you can turn your hand too! Dawny will treasure this piece for sure.

Big hugs Nat

Lisa said...

Julie, this is wonderful! I have learned from watching my own teenagers. They go through so many changes, trying to find the outside look that matches the inside. Sometimes they have to try stuff on and sometimes it fits. My older son's hair has been every color in the rainbow (sometimes all at once. LOL) and I admit I cringed as people judgingly looked at him and then turned to see what kind of mother would allow this. He loved the looks...I hated them but I didn't make him change his hair and I am so grateful for the strength it took. I am most grateful that Nick is such a wonderful person and that I have learned not to judge other teens (or their parents) by piercings or whatnot.

Thanks for making me think about this. You're a special person to take your teens into your heart the way you do. They are so fortunate to have you in their corners.

Shew...I sure can be long-winded, can't I?

Julie H said...

It means so much to me that sometimes, like now, people "get" my art - and don't let it just be pretty.

I love all your comments, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Julie - I remember being struck by the depth and beauty of this piece when you shared it via email with me a little while back.

It is beautiful and reflects your belief that what is under the surface is way more important than what is on the surface.

Bless you for your perception and insight. And for being able to express your feelings through art.

Your students are very blessed to have you as their teacher.

One Crabapple said...

I am so impressed.
This is Very Kool.

Real ART ! Love it !

Anonymous said...

I like how you captured emotions in each little face...
Wonderful work...

eb said...

Dear Julie - first of all - thank you for your comment and your question - Boone is my beautiful son pictured with me beneath the banner and also in other posts - I want to tell you how impressive your blog is - its honesty ,candor and heartfeltness - speak to me deeply - I also have struggled emotionally - I don't think I'm inclined to go further here about that because I am in such a good place now - but it means a great deal to see someone speak out about shadow issues and their connection with creativity - this is a long conversation that perhaps we can explore - your work is beautiful - I love the angel and her special light which allows for her special shadow - blessings and thank you - xox eb.

Anonymous said...

Isn't this a wonderful piece of your fantastic art!! You know when I first opened your blog I thought you'd made little cakes drying on a rack....silly me. I love how you managed to change each individuals expression.
I loved your story of your art and how that beautiful wire angel came to be. Sometimes in the darkest of times we don't think creative wonder can ever emerge again...but you have proved it can and with a flourish I might add. You inspire me.

Julie H said...

Giggling here because I had that thought myself - that they were like those Mr Kipling little fancies with pastel icing. Then you see the wire.

Thanks Lisa.

Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

I don't know, I like the purpose of these and the colors...but they kinda scare me. Is it just me? I don't know why but it does scare me.