Thursday, January 25, 2007

Funny Times

I have added to Maggie's wardrobe over the past few weeks and each time I made her a collar I made a spare.
I am feeling a little frustrated and displaced at the moment.
And yet, I am in a good space - a million miles from the lows and stresses I have experienced in the past. I sometimes wonder, 'Where am I?' - on my journey I mean ...How long is the road? What is the highest point? The lowest?


Janet said...

The path of life is never without some frustrations and struggle. It's how we handle those things that is important. Just be gentle with yourself, and focus on the peace that you're wanting. It will come.

Natalie B said...

Love the collars Julie, very funky! You are so clever to be able to turn your hand to so many different forms of art.

I think we all have high days and low days. For me, it really depends on the time of the month~~

I love what you've done to your lounge room. Looks very fresh and clean.

Big hugs

One Crabapple said...

Well - wherever you don't have to wear a collar or leash .... does that make sense to you ?


And ps. the Maggie collars you have been making are so good !

Dotee said...

Maggie is a lucky girl to have such a loving mama as you. Who looks after her needs and provides her with such funky collars to wear.

Am sorry to hear you are feeling a little frustrated and displaced right now. I know that I always feel like this before a important and clarifying change. You have worked so hard Julie to be the person you are. And the person you are becoming.

I love you.

Julie H said...

Thanks everyone

and Sandy, it does make sense, am having an added giggle because I am definietely not a collar and leash girl.

Lisa said...

Gives a whole new meaning to "lucky dog!"

Frustration seems to come with the artist's path. But usually great art seems to follow the most stubborn frustration.

jessica said...

mmmm yes life is not without its rough road. be still. it will pass, good things will come.