Saturday, January 06, 2007

Self - Today

These ATC's use another of my waste paint backgrounds (what else?), and the Tim Holtz Scratch background stamp. The face is mine.

I was messing around with a five year old friend, B, taking photos - then turning them into colouring in pictures for him ( a feature of my Kodak software), when he suggested I do some of me. This is a photo I took of myself a few months ago. I printed them on ink jet transparencies, transferred them to the background and then let my mind wander ... The green text on the top right says "imagination". The journalling was a memory.

I know a fabulous boy (he's 10 now) who is wise beyond his years and very, very kind. As a toddler her was the same - which led to many, many laughs. I remember crossing the road with J and him stopping. Dead still. Just before we stepped off the foot path. He looked carefully left and right, and looked a little puzzled, then did it again, all the while muttering left and right. I did not hurry him - figuring crossing the road safely was important. Eventually J said, "If that
is left and that is right, which way is wrong?" I remember answering lightly, "Crossing without looking is wrong" and all the time admiring the thought process of the four year old.

But I digress. The journalling. I think it was that same night that J said, "Where do I go when I sleep?", I explained his body stayed and his mind dreamed. That was not what he was looking for, he said, "I am awake and I know that I am here, when I am asleep I do not know that I am here - so I must be somewhere else - but where?" I had no answer, but the theme was playing in my head last night.

If it seems a little odd that I know so many boys, then let me tell you that three of my closest friends have 10 boys between them, ranging from 19 to 2 - and being friends with Mums means sharing their lovely children.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jules,
You never cease to AMAZE with your creativities and ideas, keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Such gorgeous ATCs, you are certainly very creative.

Anonymous said...

These are so interesting. I love the backgrounds and the way they each have an individual message. The story about "where do I go when I sleep" is wonderful. Don't you just love how kid's minds work! They have such insight and they're so innocent all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

These ATC's are SUPER J!
Love the one with journaling.
I love this idea and hope to teach myself more skills on the computer in the coming year.
A goal for myself !

Your creative flair has fueled my fire once again !

Dawn xxx

Anonymous said...

Julie - I am always amazed at your creativity and how you come up with different ideas all the time. Every time I visit your blog I feel inspired to try something new.

Don't know how to make photo's into coloring pictures - how clever are you!! Might see if I can do this with my Olympus software.

These ATC'S are incredible(love the backgrounds) and I love how you used a photo of yourself. I remember you sharing the original of this photo on your blog a while back and loving it.

And I enjoy reading about your relationship with the boys in your life. Am sure they love spending time with you.

Loved the conversation about where you go when you sleep:)

Big hugs to my talented friend (who I get to see in a few months time - yipeeee).

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful atc's Julie....what a great idea....very inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Wowo I love these ATC's! What a great idea and how lovely this boy sounds. Big hugs Natxx

Lisa said...

These are great! I would have loved for my boys to have a friend like you when they were growing up. :)

Anonymous said...

You are such a creative lady! These ATCs are wonderful! I like the messages.

I so understand about all the kids.
My siblings have lots of kids, and some of those kids have kids now...

I will go over all their names in my head from time to time just so I can remember them all, LOL!
That's a whole lot of birthday cards! :-D

Anonymous said...

These ATCs are beautiful. Its so cool what you can do with a computer and some software these days. Very cool!

One Crabapple said...

Friends with boys indeed !

just kidding - it's late and I am tired..will have to come back tomorrow and read this again. I think I am a little slap happy and might start cracking silly jokes. But without reading the whole story here I have to say that this artwork really caught my eye !

Anonymous said...

I have friends with children as well as nieces and nephews,(some or most are now grown) but I find great joy in the company of children because they give a wonderful view of the world..and their curious and pure (example the question you were asked) I know you bring great delight in to their lives.
I love your ATC's - everything you do amazes me!!