Sunday, January 28, 2007

Self Portrait and Something New.

I am participating in an altered canvas round robin and today I painted the background. This will be posted on to the next person to add a layer. My fingers were itching to add layers and to keep going, so I decided to try a larger canvas. This one is 8" x 8". I may replace the photo tomorrow as my night photos are a little distorted, in this one the fleur de lis are much more prominent than on the actual canvas.

I had a lot of fun and am happy with what I learnt, not sure if I will leave it as is or not. The beautiful escutcheon was a gift from my friend Kylie, and can be removed if I change my mind. The background is influenced by Misty Mawn's work of 12 months or so ago - check out her new work, if you have not already, her style has changed.

Back to school tomorrow and that is OK. I have achieved a lot of my goals for these holidays and knew I would never complete the list. Two days of meetings and final prep' then the fun starts. I look forward to meeting my new classes and discovering who I will be spending the year with.

Have a very safe and happy week!


Natalie B said...

Julie this is awesome!! Is that a transfer of your face and if so did you do it by Gel Medium?? I love everything about it!! I can't wait to start on my canvas... how "involved" is your background?

Good luck with your first day back. I think I'm more nervous for my littlies than they are... Luc starts kindy this year!! *sob* no longer my babe.


Janet said...

This piece is just wonderful. I love the face. How did you do that? The background is so pretty and I like the scroll-y look around the edges. The escutcheon is beautiful! The whole look of this is just so intriguing.

Sulea said...

WOAHHH AWESOME... Julie, this piece is so inspirational... i love everything about it, from the background to the face on the side and the patterns around the edges.. how did you do it?? ah makes me want to go home and paint. ohhh


LisaOceandreamer said...

I think this is a fantastic piece, I love how the photo sort of melts in to it. I bet you have technique-orama in your arsenal of "how to's"!

dogfaeriex5 said...

this is very beautiful, i love it....very very very nice..

Me said...

This is lovely in every way - and fits thematically with much of what you've been doing lately.

I wanted to let you know that I was moved beyond belief when I found your prayer for peace message on my was the exact prayer I needed - you read between the lines in a wonderfully intuitive way...thank you.

littledawnieno1 said...

I love this self expressive canvas julie. Very cool. Beautiful piece and the background is divine.

So what did you use for the transfer ?
Excellent job my lovely.

you rock !

Hope you have a super start with back to school.

dawn xx

Holly said...

This is a gorgeous piece. Love the subdued colors. Lovely.

One Crabapple said...

Wow new classes already...

Love this canvas and i am intrigued...must enlarge the shot.

Will check out Misty M....

I did not know that is what the key-hole-thingy is called ! That piece is a real treasure tho. What a great piece to put on a canvas !

So...I hope you keep us posted on the Round Robin work here...VERY interesting.