Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Read and Laugh

I am a reader. I am told I taught myself to read before I went to school, and always read books which were years ahead of the grade I was in. These days it does not matter how busy I am I still read every day - perhaps it is one of the reasons I like to read blogs and browse the Internet.
I read a couple of books most weeks and will read more if I have the chance.

Last night after a long day ( more about my that another post) I ran a bath and allowed myself 30 minutes - by the kitchen timer - to read, with a glass or rather good chardonnay. This is always a dubious time allowance, as in general I can be sitting underneath the timer and not hear it if my head is wrapped around a good book. So as extra precautions I chose a book I did not think would be too gripping, and put a bookmark in at the end of chapter three.
Not gripping? Well no, probably not, but one of the funniest books I have read in a long time. William McInnes talks about everyday life, his childhood in Queensland some 30 to 40 years ago. By the end of page three I was laughing so hard I could not breath. As the belly laughs rolled up through my body I crossed my legs - no accidents for this big girl, then in an attempt to protect my often dodgy back I grip my sides with my elbows and tense my tummy muscles. All the time laughing so hard tears are streaming down my face. After a very short time all this holding things tense while laughing leads to a lack of air and I simply lay back wheezing and snorting.
A few minutes breathing and then I bravely start to read - only to end up at near exploding point once again and again.
Three more chapters in bed last night and I awoke this morning feeling as if I had been for a tough session at the gym ( I think - never venture into those smelly places). It is taking a major act of will-power to continue cleaning out my lounge ready to paint. But tonight ...


Me said...

They say laughter is a great exercise and medicine. I guess you got some good stuff last night!! :)

Michelle said...

Hi Julie, thanks for the info on that book i am always looking for new books to read so i will look this one up, and also thankyou for the beatiful atc that turned up in my mail box today, one is on its way back.


Dotee said...

I think William McInnes is so witty and his book is on my ' must read' list!

So glad his book is providing lots of laughter for you.

You describe how you laugh so beautifully. I was smiling at your description.

I love people who laugh with passion!!!

One Crabapple said...

o my ! will have to find this book !

I found myself smiling back at you thru the story then giggled out loud when I got to "wheezing and snorting"

You are so fun J! and such a good writer !

I like this bit of setting the book marker and timer too....good thinking !

LisaOceandreamer said...

what a great idea, to set up for a purposeful read time. I have SO many books on my stack to be read...I used to read EVERY night and I am so out of the habit. Your description of reading this book made me laugh at how much it tickled you. I may have to look this one up...a good belly laugh is good medicine!

Janet said...

I need a good laugh so I'll see if I can find this book. You make it sound very appealing. They say laughter is the best medicine!