Monday, January 22, 2007

One Fresh Lounge Room

I have included before and after shots of the external doors and one corner of the lounge, which also has wooden French doors leading to the kitchen/dining and large windows on another wall.

Maggie seemed to delight in being with me for the whole sanding/filling/painting process. She followed me every step of the way - usually only a few centimeters away. I am used to this and fully expect that at the end of a paint job she will be wearing some of the paint.

As I move around Maggie is usually on my right, often licking me as I have both hands tied up or simply sleeping under the ladder. I know some people would find this annoying - I love it! I love that she wants to be there. When I went for a quick coffee with friends on Friday, Maggie came in the car with me - and sat on my left. It was then that I noticed the huge globs of polly filler hanging off her head. I had no idea I had dropped them (at least 24 hours previously), let alone that they had landed on her! What a good girl she was to stand very still while I slid a razor blade underneath to remove them from her hair!

Phantom had his own strange take on this painting process. This is the door leading into the lounge, from the kitchen, about three feet to the left is "his chair". And yet, time and again during this week I would pass through the area at night, and find my lovely boy asleep on the towel provided for wiping 'painty' feet and paws. Surely those electrical cords were uncomfortable?

And so tonight the room reeks of paint, but all my furniture and treasures are back in the room. I could polish the floorboards and one day I will paint the outer brick work on the old fire place. But for now it is done. The fire does not draw well and I have decided it is not worth the mess - I will try a winter without it and probably not use wood heating in there any more. All in all I am well pleased with this breaks work. Anymore painting I do this holiday will be at my art room desk and with a much smaller brush.


LisaOceandreamer said...

Julie you did an amazing job..scraping and sanding and painting, especially wood work is a real undertaking. That room looks lovely and cozy and how envious am I for those french doors leading to what looks like an equally lovely garden. I am sure this was all quite satisfying, not to mention your delightful assistant Maggie. Phantom like all cats don't seem to care WHAT they sleep on. Daisy has taken to sleeping in my ironing board. ha!

LisaOceandreamer said...

oops, Daisy sleeps ON my ironing board.

Janet said...

You've done a great job. Those French doors are so pretty. And I love the tassels hanging on the doors in the last photo.
My cats sleep on the oddest things and don't seem to mind as long as they're close to me.

Dotee said...

Julie - yur lounge room looks so lovely and fresh. You have done a beautiful job (clever you). I love how you look out onto your garden.

Am glad Maggie has recovered from the Polyfilla ' incident' :) I laughed at the photo of Phantom curled up on the towel meant for cleanups. It doesn't look comfortable but I am sure he was!

Ronnie was all squished up on the arm of my couch last night. He was way to big for the corner but he obviously thought he could fit in. He had his big paws sticking out everywhere.

Thanks for your comment on my blog this morning. I would love to do a 4 for 4 1" fabric collage swap with you(yay). I don't think I am going to sick of making them any time soon!!

Take care
Lots of love
Dotee xoxo

littledawnieno1 said...

Excellent job Julie.What a wonderful job you've done.Very professional.LOVE your french doors and the beautiful outook into your garden.I would love to have a GREEN view from a window. Shame they feel the need to bulldoze all the trees to make a new estate here. Ive been here 11 years and its only been about 2 years since a few birds have returned.
Im very envious of a garden.

You must be pleased with your fresh face in your lounge. What a pleasure to come home to I'm sure.
great cleanup you did as there was not a speck of paint out of place.

Thanks for sharing

Dotee said...

Hi again Julie

Meant to tell you that the Robin you admired on my ATC is a copy from a card I bought. I can send you a scan if you like!

Lisa said...

Nothing like a freshly painted room...or dog. hehe I love the idea of Maggie staying right by your side. Kitties are so funny, too, in where they decide to sleep.

Your room looks very inviting.

One Crabapple said...

o it looks so nice ! Love your choices. FRESH and clean ! mmmm

(and I love paint smell - I would be in heaven)

The Maggie story cracked me up. I can almost picture her as you razored off the globs. Her eyes a little uncertain , looking back and forth ?

Isn't it funny how animals want to be right by you when you are busy or involved completely in something ? I have often wondered what we give off that draws them so. Or is it that our attention is fully NOT on them ? well....who knows !

Your kitty is funny and it is amazing how they can get comfy in the most uncertain places....that towel time must be a bit of fun then to have parked on it , certain to get more wiping ?

I have a funny fireplace too and understand your idea to quit it altogether. In the end I think it is the romance and cozy of having the fire....not so when it comes time for clean up. Unless you pretend you are Cinderella or The Little Princess ? Both of which have unlikely endings and unhealthy messages - true ! however ! I was reaching for the romance I suppose.

Your french doors and patio area are inviting me to come sit. Your yard is lovely !!!

All that light pouring in and the fresh new paint and colors....I could almost feel summer. I know it might be quite hot there but seems like a lovely dream to be there !